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Vaffa Cosmo Game

Vaffa Game

The VAFFA Mobile Game marketplace starts from Italy on February 19th. The Play to earn game that anyone can activate free so that anyone can access it.

ROME, ITALY, ITALY, January 26, 2022 / — The VAFFA Mobile Game marketplace starts from Italy on February 19th. The Play to earn game that anyone can activate free so that anyone can access it.

In the early days of civilization, our ancestors used gestures to communicate. A simple gesture that contains a thousand emotions simplified and made image.

Like everything, everything was generated by a process that lasted millennia, which allowed its evolution.

One of the oldest and most valuable materials, due to the slow process of natural formation, is diamond.

VAFFA was born from the idea of combining these two elements: a simple gesture but full of meaning and one of the strongest and most precious materials in the world.

The concept of VAFFA is related to the creation of a virtual world that allows everyone to own it and accumulate wealth from it, simply by playing on their phone to VAFFA GAME and thus entering the VAFFA COSMO.

The Vaffa Cosmo is a Metaverse based on P2E, Price to Earn, which became disruptive with the advent of blockchain. Several realities – such as AXIE, Decentraland, and Sandbox – have reached impressive values in the last year thanks to the boom of their Games and Metaverses connected to them.

The creators expect that starting from the desire to have fun and earn money that unites a multitude of people, the VAFFA Cosmo can become populated by millions of people in a few years: “People want to have fun, but today they need to earn money and cannot throw away their time” explains Nicholas Perpiglia who manages the entire VAFFA project.

The studies of one of the most prestigious companies in the world of business analysis – which will soon be officially presented – have shown that already within the first 3 years from the launch of the Game it will be possible to reach almost 4 million people, ensuring them an extra income that in several countries alone exceeds the monthly per capita income of workers.

The disruptive news is that VAFFA Cosmo will really be for everyone and, even if on blockchain, even to those without wallets, thanks to a parallel custody envoronment aimed at people with less technical experience. Nicholas is visibly excited: “We already have a community of over 10,000 people on Discord, and we haven’t started yet. Now we open the marketplace and then the Game open to all… we can really get to many”

All the attention is now focused on the launch of the Marketplace where you will find already from the presale reserved for those who have booked the 3 mystical limited edition NFTs. They will start from the 90% discounted price and will go to the list on the marketplace at full price 10 days later. Chaos is already expected on the first day, February 19 “But it will only be the beginning – explains Nicholas – people know that this project is theirs, because we work as a DAO project and the owner is therefore not the company but the players” It is like saying that everything that is collected from the sale of the NFT remains of the same Community. A simple concept, which obviously gratifies many.

Vaffa Game
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Paracosma Inc Receives 2022 San Francisco Award

Paracosma Inc - AR/VR Company

San Francisco Award | Paracosma Inc

San Francisco Award Program Honors the Achievement

It’s a great honor for Paracosma to be recognized for its success and engagement in the local community.”

— Ken Ehrhart, Paracosma Founder & CEO

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2022 / — Paracosma Inc has been selected for the 2022 San Francisco Award in the Software Company category by the San Francisco Award Program.

Each year, the San Francisco Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the San Francisco area a great place to live, work and play.
Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2022 San Francisco Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the San Francisco Award Program and data provided by third parties.

“As someone born in San Francisco, who has witnessed the success of so many Bay Area software companies, it is great honor for Paracosma to be recognized for its success and engagement in the local community,” said Ken Ehrhart, the Founder and CEO of Paracosma.

About San Francisco Award Program
The San Francisco Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the San Francisco area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The San Francisco Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

About Paracosma
Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions Provider headquartered in San Francisco, with sales and technology offices in Tokyo, Japan and a development center in Kathmandu, Nepal. With over one hundred employees, Paracosma is able to provide our clients with a one-stop-shop for all things 3D. Paracosma offers custom AR and VR application development, as well as providing complete development teams to clients on a long-term basis. Paracosma creates entire virtual worlds and produces live virtual events. Paracosma offers 3D model creation, including high-volume production of photo-realistic models. Paracosma also creates synthetic images generated from simulated 3D environments to train deep-learning AI systems. Paracosma has a 360-degree video production team and 360 video distribution platform that is offered as a white-label service.

SOURCE: San Francisco Award Program

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