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Ideas & Innovations (I&I) Gift Card Kiosk Platform has been awarded The Most Trusted Kiosk Solution Provider for 2022

I&I Gift & Entertainment Kiosk

I&I’s in-retail self-service kiosks are true Market Disrupters that enhance the consumer experience with incremental categories and deliverables on-demand!

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, January 25, 2022 / — Ideas and Innovations, LLC (I&I) – Products and service delivered in an instant at retail

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a kiosk, an interactive screen on a stand where the user can retrieve information, services or products in a simple, intuitive way. These kiosks are placed strategically in high traffic areas in retail.

The Business Fame’s January issue’s cover story is The Most Trusted Kiosk Solution Provider in 2022 featuring Ideas & Innovations, LLC (I&I)

The Company

Ideas & Innovations, LLC (I&I) was founded by James Curtis, a successful entrepreneur who, over his fifty-year long career, has learned to restructure traditional practices in ways that make life more cost-effective and user-friendly for both businesses and customers. He has always been interested in finding a better way to do things. His kiosk company, I&I, is no exception to that rule.

Gift cards have been in the marketplace since 1994, and until now gift card distributors have traditionally kept to distinguishing between the physical retail cards and the digital cards without bringing the digital, next generation technology to retail to help drive the category, despite requests from the prepaid industry.

During James’ traditional holiday shopping spree back in late 2008, after waiting in line at the store’s cashier for 20 minutes to pay and activate his selection of gift cards, he realized that there had to be a better way to manage this category. He needed to find a way to help local businesses present a broader mix of gift cards while saving space in their stores and time for their customers as they shopped. Also the current gift cards would not allow the purchaser to specify the exact amount (instead, they left the recipient with unusable balances).

James, who had always tried to use technology to make his many business ventures run efficiently, began to ponder how he could use technology to facilitate and enhance the in-store customer’s retail gift card shopping experience. Based upon his shopping experiences, the concept for the strategy and market application behind the Ideas & Innovations kiosk began to take shape.

James quickly formed Ideas & Innovations and assembled a team of marketing and engineering experts to create his next generation, in retail, consumer friendly gift and entertainment card self-service kiosk for retail with activation on demand features for physical, digital gift and entertainment cards.

From its onset, James Curtis worked quickly to capitalize on the market opportunity by assembling a team who had the retail expertise and experience to make the project a success. Donnie Bottinelli, former DayRunner Inc’s COO and CSO, was one of the first individuals to join the team and champion the project. Other key team members include Tom Neale, formerly Head of Global Brands and Gaming with Blackhawk Network; and Madhu Koyya, formerly a senior technology officer with Walmart and Target stores.

A group of 5 level patents in 37 countries (so far) support the company’s kiosks and protect I&I’s interests in the national and international marketplace.

All of these assets allow I&I the opportunity to offer selected retailers a standalone, API friendly, self-service gift and entertainment (movies, gaming and e-books for instant streaming for rental or purchase) kiosk platform that provides consumers with a substantially broader mix of both gift and entertainment card brands. These brands have both physical, digital deliverables and exchange services to manage those unused balances on old or existing gift cards which can be consolidated and transferred to another gift card which can be used anytime or anywhere via I&I’s Anywhere Gift Card.

The I&I kiosk’s innovative consumer deliverables also allow our customers the option to pay with cash to activate gift cards on demand, stream movies, gaming and eBooks without membership requirements.

The I&I kiosk allows retailers to offer a much broader variety of gift cards (since they are digital) without taking up more space in their store. The I&I digital kiosk solution also solves a very real retailer challenge by maximizing profitability per square foot within a smaller footprint, as most retailers are now shrinking their physical space for prepaid entertainment and electronic card categories. This also means that the kiosk’s gift card offerings are never out of stock and offer them the same competitive profits as a traditional gift card display!

Added features of the kiosk allow customers to purchase or send a greeting card with audio/video personalized messaging or personalized greeting cards with their gift card purchase. The kiosk uses I&I’s targeted advertising for consumers to offer special promotions and couponing.

Retailers and market experts agree that the innovations that I&I delivers will prove to be true market disruptors and change the gift card industry for generations. I&I is launching their kiosks for testing in the market starting in January of 2022 with an expanded market launch planned for 3rd quarter 2022 and beyond. The gift card category will never be the same!

The Products and Services

Ideas & Innovations (I&I) leads the field with its gift card kiosk that integrates digital solutions into physical retail starting this quarter. This next generation of innovation will help bring consumers back to retail by delivering more products and categories, while taking up much less valuable space in stores. We at I&I are very excited to announce that, with our partnerships for digital gift card content, our kiosk will offer 1000 gift card brands which are never out of stock. Our kiosks will greatly enhance the consumer experience by offering:

• A much broader selection of gift cards printed on demand in store, along with full balance checks
• Entertainment, gaming, movies, and eBooks for instant streaming for rental and purchase (even for the cash customer)
• Personalized greeting cards with audio video messaging
• Exchange of unused gift card balances transferred to other gift cards or to our debit Anywhere Gift Card for use anywhere

I&I also uses our proprietary targeted advertising technology on our gift card kiosks’ secondary screens that offer consumers numerous promotional options. These promotional programs are used to drive consumer brand awareness at retail with special discounts and couponing through our participating gift card brands. We are also able to offer retailers regional gift card programs targeting select “local or regional brands” (traditionally only offered in wholesale clubs during the holiday season) and, now, business-to-business bulk card programs printed on demand at retail.

This enhanced self-service, in store shopping experience supports our kiosks at retail as market disruptors with gift and entertainment cards printed on demand and authorized in less than 25 seconds. Through all of our exclusive partnerships, I&I can now deliver best-in-class retail kiosk solutions across multiple categories with greatly reduced fraud. However, I&I is always open and looking for new partnerships to continue to enhance the consumer’s experience at retail.

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Ideas & Innovations
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Tangerang Showcases MSME and SME Go Export Products in the International Stage of Expo 2020 Dubai

Indonesia Pavilion’s visitors enjoying rolling exhibition area

DUBAI, UAE, January 25, 2022 / — The Indonesia Pavilion during its 16th week since the opening day of Expo 2020 Dubai brought the country’s potential to increase export opportunities to the global market. Today, Tangerang is here to enliven the rolling exhibition of the Indonesia Pavilion on January 14-20, 2022, by highlighting 12 micros, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and small and medium industries (SMEs). Following the Tangerang Regency government’s mission, the multiple products displayed were from the “Go Export” products, including fashion, furniture, handicrafts, and beverages.

“The Expo 2020 Dubai is the right momentum to intensify the export of MSME and SME products to the international arena. Through exhibitions, we will continue to showcase local products that may not be found in other countries. This is a great opportunity to expand international exports, especially in the Middle East,” said the Director-General of National Export Development and Commissioner General of the Indonesia Pavilion Didi Sumedi.

Didi elaborate, as the largest city in Banten Province, Tangerang is an industrial manufacturing center with more than 1,000 factories with advanced machines and a qualified workforce. Until now, the Tangerang Regency has more than 400 MSMEs and SMEs that produce fashion products, furniture, handicrafts, food and beverages, as well as services and tourism. Didi mentioned that the “Go Export” products on display were leather shoes and bags made of reptiles, furniture made of fossil stone, and rattan baskets that have penetrated the Asian and European markets. In addition, the program also exhibits wild cocoa powder which is entirely produced using local raw materials.

“We make sure that the products that we exhibit are of high quality. We hope that, through the Expo 2020 Dubai event, the products on display can be introduced to a worldwide audience. In addition, it also motivates other SME entrepreneurs to be more empowered and to further improve product quality to penetrate the global market, “explained Didi.

The Head of Trade for the Industry and Trade Office of Tangerang Regency, Iskandar Nordat, added that Tangerang Regency’s participation in the Expo 2020 Dubai event aimed to facilitate MSMEs and SMEs to increase competitiveness and expand market access. The Tangerang Regency Government officials also pay special attention to the quality of the products produced. “Through the business forum activities held, we hope that our products will be able to help increase foreign exchange for the country’s economy, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Expo 2020 Dubai for us is not only for promoting local products but can also be a momentum to promote culture by promoting local values,” said Iskandar.

Up to the 16th week, the Indonesia Pavilion has been visited by more than 650 thousand visitors and exhibited as many as 590 SME products ready for export. The national government is optimistic that the event will continue to introduce even more of the nation’s potential to the international stage.

Media Liaison Officer
Indonesia Pavilion
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