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Advertise With Us

SixFoldIncrease.Com offers a variety of promotional opportunities to connect your product or service with our growing audience. Our target demographic has always been the computer repair or IT business owner or those aspiring to be a business owner.

Any of the promotions listed here can be combined into a more comprehensive offering. For instance, we have seen far greater impact from combining sponsored tweets with a video or blog post to maximize the longevity of a campaign. We will work to maximize your return.

If you’d like us to help you spread the word about your product or service, please use our contact form by clicking here and tell us your request and budgetary considerations!

Video Promotions

Sponsorship of Weekly CRM podcast – Get your product mentioned in the CRM show by sponsoring a show, sponsor an entire month, or subscribe to an ongoing sponsorship throughout the year.

Feature review video production – Have the MarketMyRepairs.Com team produce a video about your product or service. You provide the product or service, we provide a video demonstration of how it works, the key features, and interesting use cases. Videos are published to our YouTube channel and can also be used by your company in other promotions.

Written Promotions

Sponsored Blog Posts – A sponsored blog post puts your product or service in front of our readers. In 1000 words or more, one of our writers will write a detailed review explaining the key features of your product or service. The post will be promoted via our Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social accounts on the day it is published, as well as being featured in our email newsletter and RSS feeds.

Sponsored Blog Post Series – If you sponsor a themed series of posts, your 50 word text ad and 125×125 logo will appear in conjunction with each post. Readers will see your sponsor message as they are reading about the subject. You can select a topic theme for the series and our writers will create the articles.

Newsletter Promotions – Each daily newsletter can accommodate a single sponsor with up to 100 words, a 125×125 graphic, and link to your site.

Submit A Guest Post – Want to write the promotion yourself? We do allow paid inclusion for your guest post. Just use the form here to send us your proposed guest post article.

Social Media Promotions

Sponsored tweets – A single sponsored tweet can drive awareness about your product or service, but it is far more effective to subscribe to a series of tweets spread over time. Request a tweet bundle in multiples of 10 to maximize impact.

Comprehensive Social Media Updates – While promoting your product or service to a single social network has impact, promoting to multiple social networks makes sure people see you where they are. We are happy to assist you in reach our audience in the places they hang out.

Offering special pricing on your product or service to our membership community allows you to get ongoing promotional consideration. In addition to other offerings, we are building out a discount club for our membership. When you offer a discount, we will promote your product in return. The level of promotion we offer will depend on the discount you offer, but typically it will be a 12-month program combining social media promotions, newsletter promotions, and mentions on the CRM show. Keep in mind your offer must truly be unique and not something anyone can find on multiple sites via a search engine.

CRM Marketplace
Do you make a product that computer repair business owners need? Advertise it in the CRM Marketplace. Join dozens of other businesses that sell products to the computer repair industry. Contact us today by clicking here.

Other ways we can promote your brand

Help increase YouTube subcribers and Twitter followers with specific campaigns designed to help you increase your audience. If you have an offering we consider compatible with our brand, we can assist you in growing your audience so that your ongoing publishing efforts have a bigger impact.