//Telepathic Intuitive and Energy Healer Debbie Pico to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Telepathic Intuitive and Energy Healer Debbie Pico to be Featured on Close Up Radio

CHESTER, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- During our journey through life we all experience fleeting emotions from sadness and pain, happiness, and joy. We often wonder why things come easy for some people and yet others experience misery and extreme hardship. When we try and evaluate ourselves, thoughts come forward and begin to generate doubt, darker lower energy and unbeknownst to us negatively that affects our mind and spirit. We try to deal with our anxiety and depression by pushing it away or self- medicating which numbs our senses and opens us up to even more darkness or even worse dark attachments. Therapy can take years to process and does not address the real culprit, an embattled spirit.

Debbie Pico is a highly sought after trained Telepathic Intuitive and Energy Healer.

"My work, deeply rooted in shamanism, aims at using our own consciousness, telepathic insight and emotional structures to obliterate negative blocks and resistance. You will begin to see how our mind and our ego have been trained into keeping us stuck in destructive patterns. These negative foundations prevent us from attaining our true worth and dreams.”

Debbie provides answers, teaching us to become our creators, understanding the various realms within our bodies, thus alleviating negative obstructions within us.

"Positive thoughts alone will not help you get what you want out of life. We have this amazing power through “our way of being” our “self-reflection” to free us from disease, woes, unhappiness, feelings of helplessness, shame, fear and can create our future where we can find joy."
Debbie has been helping to heal people for over 20 years by removing negative patterns affecting the consciousness that causes pain, misery, and manifests disease. She recognized at a young age her natural abilities and heightened senses, so she spent many years exploring both science and the metaphysical. She felt a calling to use her abilities and help provide answers to those of us in need. Her life mission became helping us elevate our vibration unlocking your self-power in order to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Debbie says positive living creates the world we envision and the world we envision helps creates us. If you want to get rid of evil in the world, that requires a shaman type of magic as she uses certain tools that facilitate that into fruition. Debbie does a variety of readings and healing sessions.

"The world today is in upheaval of evil that has existed since the dawn of civilization. When we navigate through the dark aspects of ourselves the outside world also changes. Keeping our vibrations high takes power back from not only these dark forces, but everyday energy drains. Your thoughts steered by your imagination determine the world you live in and its collective consciousness.”

“I was taught at a young age to suppress my imagination, here is your biggest tool!”

During her many years of intense study, Debbie has become an expert in Powerful Mind Training, Magic Modalities, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Techniques, Holodynamics, Shamanism, Psychic Training, Theta & Delta Mind Disciplines, and Cutting Edge Alternative Health Therapies. Her healing sessions are conducted both remotely and in-person, in an effort to help those with their life purpose, feel more empowered, concur health issues, obtaining abundance and guide them to reach their truest potential. She strives to help people understand the intricate mysteries surrounding our world including our deepest darkest fears of death.

"Life after death absolutely exists. We never die. If people would understand how universal energy works, it would be a game changer. Our connection to our higher self exists in many different realms. We have been conditioned to believe we are just physical beings, but we are amazingly powerful spiritual beings in a physical body."

Debbie encourages us to actively fight for what we believe in but never let it overwhelm us with feelings of doom or destruction. Being mindful of keeping our vibration avoids giving evil any power.

“No matter how much chaos surrounds us never let it undermine our faith and hope that we can truly heal ourselves, the power is resolutely within all of us. I am here to show you the truth of who you are and you will live a more limitless abundant life that you were always meant to live."

Close Up Radio will feature Debbie Pico in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday August 10th at 1 p.m. EST

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