//Platinum Records Is The New Music Company Setting Out To Bring Back Equality To The Music Industry

Platinum Records Is The New Music Company Setting Out To Bring Back Equality To The Music Industry

Platinum records

Platinum records

Platinum Records believe that all artists should be given the same opportunity, regardless of their genre, popularity, or sales.

UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Platinum Records is a record label and distribution company that represents both signed and unsigned artists. They believe in giving a voice to new and upcoming artists, as well as promoting equality amongst all musicians. Regardless of genre, race, or background, all musicians deserve an opportunity to be heard.

Access to equal opportunity is crucial if success is one’s goal and that is what Platinum Records stands for: giving control back to artists and bringing back equality to the music industry. Being confident in one’s creation and not getting enough recognition and attention is frustrating.

Therefore, Platinum Records stands with independent musicians by giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed. A dream brought to life in 2020, Platinum Records is a platform that offers all independent artists and labels major label services to help them bring their dreams to fruition.

Founded in Louisiana, the same birthplace as the legendary Cash Money Records and No Limit Records, Platinum Records empathizes with the struggles of independent musicians in the saturated and highly competitive music industry. One of the most discouraging points in an artist’s career is submitting their work and being unconsidered.

Platinum Records understands that the struggles of independent artists are never-ending when they lack the right support system. Having their mission to be fair to all artists, Platinum Records offers services like global digital and physical distribution, music marketing, music promotion, radio plugging, synchronization, playlist pitching, publishing, and much more to all artists signed with them or independent.

Unlike other music companies, Platinum Records is the first ever to let artists who choose to stay independent keep 100% of their streaming and publishing royalties, understanding that autonomy over one’s work is a crucial part of being in the profession. Giving all the control back to the artists, Platinum Records refuses to take any commission or percentages from independent artists and labels. Platinum Records treat all artists equally by giving them the same services and resources regardless they are signed with the label or not. They are the first and only record label to option global music distribution to artists that are seeking to stay independent similar to Tunecore and CDBaby.

What makes Platinum Records different is that they only charge a tiny one-set yearly price for either label or artist account with no hidden fees of pricey subscription upgrades. They firmly believe that every artist should have creator freedom, that’s why they allow artists to locate and claim 100% of their publishing royalties from over 200 territories. Platinum Records are dedicated to leveling the playing field within the music industry and giving talented artists a fair shot at success. Aiming to have the best offer better than other distributor competitors. It's fact to say that Platinum Records is offering an unbeatable deal for independent artists and labels to get their music to the world.


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