//Nurse Coach Bina Bendale to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Nurse Coach Bina Bendale to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- When we undergo stress, anxiety, and trauma, it can actually make us feel physically ill. That’s because our mind, body, and soul are out of alignment. In order to achieve total health all three must be in balance. What can we do to restore an integrated sense of wholeness and live in the most optimal state of health possible? One of the best ways to achieve total wellness is by seeking out a highly qualified professional who can help us delve deeply into our intuition that create sustainable wellness so we live fuller, happier, and healthier lives.

Bina is a Nurse coach specializing in working with parents of children with special needs.

“My mission is guiding you to unleash and tap into your authentic self. As nurse coaches, we never diagnose anyone rather we ask insightful, probing questions so you dig within your core and transition yourself to the possibilities of who you genuinely aspire to be. By offering you a safe, non judgmental place to connect with your true emotions and unflinchingly embrace the creative and authentic aspect of you. You will be encouraged to delve more deeply into your personal intuition and find clarity, insight, and a more abundant, carefree life.”

The role of nurse coaches is to facilitate the wellbeing of the whole person through a combination of coaching principles and healing modalities that create sustainable and perpetual healing. Every nurse coach must have a Bachelor’s degree, be board certified, and must have worked as a nurse for at least three years. Their work is similar to life coaching but with a holistic approach emphasizing the seven spiritual domains including mindfulness, reiki, and mediation. Every nurse coach has their own niche for instance one does women’s empowerment, another coach works with divorce, another one with relationships. Although Bina works in all facets of each individual’s personal and professional lives her main passion and expertise is working with parents of special needs children.

Bina found her calling as a parenting coach due to her own personal life experiences raising a special needs child, In fact she has an incredibly tough time trying to navigate the process of raising her child in a community where she felt isolated and cut off. When by chance she connected with nurse coaches her life was transformed and it dawned on her that nurse coaching was meant to be her life’s mission. After ten years of working in ER she left for good and today with a combination of her skilled coaching techniques and nursing experience, Bina expertly supports individuals going through similar experiences so as parents they can help their child flourish.

Through her heart centered and inter relational holistic approach, Bina brings the soulfulness of human nature to her work as she methodically and skillfully provides much needed information, guidance, and clarity to our personal and professional lives. She not only expertly assists other nurse coaches become an intricate part of the corporate world and take their business to the next level but helps some of her clients with awareness and triggers to heal their inner child.

“I will stand by you and totally help transform your health and your mental well-being so you can connect with your true purpose. Once you do you will experience true transformation and live intentionally with gratitude, peace, and renewed confidence.”

Bina is one of the first few nurse coaches to land a corporation deal where employees are referred to her. Her hope is that every company and organization will have nurse coaches as he continues to help the special needs community thrive.

“My joy in life is helping people transform, grow, and discover inner peace. Be your true self, don’t let anyone stop you from who you aspire to be and you will absolutely change the world.”

Close Up Radio will feature Bina Bendale in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday August 4th at 4pm EST

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