//Shareholder Advocates Rewrite the Game Stop Narrative and Take Down Wall Street with Direct Register of GME Shares

Shareholder Advocates Rewrite the Game Stop Narrative and Take Down Wall Street with Direct Register of GME Shares

UNITED STATES, July 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ --
A motley crew of rebels with a cause is causing a stir on the most powerful trading floor in the world. A group of more than 165,000 citizen activists is upending the Wall Street model with a new order of transparency and integrity in trading. Meet the citizen lead team at r/superstonk.
These advocates for the little guy are breaking down the mountain of corrupt finance plaguing the US economy. Through the newly minted drsgme.org, users can bypass corruption by direct registering their Game Stop shares. At Direct Register, the team’s aim is threefold, to ensure your investment, expose corruption, and teach tricks to stop being conned with an end goal of revolutionizing Wall Street.

In January 2021, r/superstonk helped expose the Game Stop “shorting” scandal – which according to FINRA was somewhere in the region of 140 - 230%. Through the tireless efforts of these interested parties, this team of citizen sleuths unveiled the plot to deceive shareholders. Through a series of keen maneuvers and strategies, this collective outwitted the Wall Street tycoons to reveal the systematic game to keep the shareholders at bay.

Now this entourage of do-gooders has the suits on Wall Street shaking as they continue to keep a watchful eye on the stock exchange through drsgme.org. The company offers a way to stop the endless manipulation by empowering shareholders when they direct register their Game Stop stock.

Though this group often uses humor and memes to express themselves, it lives by the motto “Power to the Shareholders” The collective, which boasts over 800,000 members, is “A place for theoretical discussions about business and stocks - specifically GameStop Stock ($GME).” where “Opinions and memes welcome.” Yet they are careful to add, “None of this is financial advice.” But that is where Direct Register steps in.

The cyber congregation is big on transparency and warns users not to engage in illegal acts of market manipulation. Its strength comes from unity in the group behind the message that big business can no longer outwit and manipulate its shareholders. Through thoughtful discussions, insights, and research, this cyber family comes together with one goal: to bring levity and a level playing field for all.

Now through drsgme.org, the next logical step in this thoughtful design, the founders are building a permeable and straightforward financial model where brokers can’t pause the buy button and use investments against the buyers.

For more information contact Jim and Patrick at hi@drsgme.org

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