//oVice, innovative Japanese startup, presents virtual office technology to EU tech leaders at ICT 2022

oVice, innovative Japanese startup, presents virtual office technology to EU tech leaders at ICT 2022

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oVice, a platform that designs virtual office spaces and hybrid work solutions was invited by the Luxembourg government to present its technology at ICT 2022.

NANAO, ISHIKAWA, JAPAN, July 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- oVice, a platform that designs virtual office spaces and hybrid work solutions using cutting-edge technologies, was invited by The Luxembourg government to present its technology at the ICT 2022. The event was held in Luxembourg on June 30th and July 1st.

oVice attends ICT 2022: a flagship tech conference in the EU

ICT 2022 is one of the largest tech events in the EU, with over 5,000 attendees from over 70 countries. It founders a platform for networking and knowledge sharing in fintech, metaverse, and science.

After three years of hosting the conference online, the event was finally held in a physical venue. This year, the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy invited 25 startups from across the globe to participate in the event and present their innovations.

As one of 6 innovative Japanese companies, oVice was selected for the line-up. The company is also among the top three Japanese innovators who took the main stage to pitch their projects to an international audience.

Introducing virtual offices and announcing an upcoming hybrid solution at the event

At ICT 2022, oVice leaders shared their vision for the future of hybrid work and outlined how virtual office technology helps connect remote and hybrid organizations.

The team delved deeper into the advantages of space-focused communication that gives distributed teams a common ground for collaboration, team building, and employee training.

oVice backed their bet on hybrid work with impressive growth data: in under two years, over 2,200 organizations have already adopted virtual offices. oVice is among the worldwide leaders in the SaaS market, with around $ 7 million in ARR.

Future of hybrid work: connecting physical and virtual communication

At the end of the presentation, the team unveiled its future vision: synchronizing physical and virtual offices. The company plans to use hardware solutions, online displays, and offline pop-ups to seamlessly connect in-person and remote teams. oVice leaders believe that a hybrid environment - a mix of office and remote work - is the way forward for organizations and a win-win for executives and employees alike.

oVice at ICT 2022: spreading awareness of hybrid work

During the event, the oVice team connected with other participants, guests, and partners at a dedicated Startup Booth. Throughout the event, the company representatives answered questions and introduced attendees to a future-oriented approach to hybrid work.

About oVice

oVice is a global startup based in Japan that supports remote and hybrid teams with virtual office spaces. The company helps over 2,200 organizations worldwide digitize and redesign workspaces, seamlessly communicate with teammates, and increase flexibility.

oVice creates spaces for a variety of use cases: virtual offices, team building, industry events, employee training, and community management.

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