//Money 2.0 Conference Is All Prepared To Unveil Its Winter Edition In Dubai

Money 2.0 Conference Is All Prepared To Unveil Its Winter Edition In Dubai

Money 2.0 Conference

Money 2.0 Conference

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI, July 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- After receiving an impressive and incredible response for its Spring Edition, the Money 2.0 Conference is all set for its winter feature in Dubai. It is scheduled to take place on December 16-18, 2022, at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE.

This finance forum gives a complete overview of the developments taking place in the financial and insurance sectors. It provides fresh insights and an opportunity to explore the innovations and technologies in this rapidly evolving industry. Its upcoming edition will invite global financial leaders, analysts, founders, CFOs, economists, insurance consultants, wealth management firms, investors, and venture capitalists. Being an established event, one can meet, connect, and collaborate with financial experts from globally-recognized firms.

When asked about the uniqueness of this finance event, Jhanvi Saxena, Manager of the Money 2.0 Conference, expressed, “In this upcoming Winter Edition, we will not only cover the emerging financial strategies but will introduce tech-based solutions to help decision-makers strengthen their current working models. For example, help them keep their financial data safe using anti-fraud tools, ease up their field audits and assessment tactics, and many more. In short, we want to empower money managers in amplifying their business returns.”

As Jhanvi highlighted, this Winter Edition is about empowering financial professionals through knowledge-intensive sessions. Attendees can experience interactive panel discussions, and fireside chats, and even explore the latest FinTech solutions at the conference’s dedicated exhibition space.

With the help of its enlightening sessions, financial professionals can gain a better insight into emerging financial markets, blockchain-based payments, enterprise risk management strategies, and trends in the FinTech industry. Many financial leaders will share their perspectives and review prevailing ideas on cryptocurrency, startup survival strategies without investors, the emergence of cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, and other technologies in the financial sector, rise in the money scams/frauds due to digitization, and ways to prevent oneself from such scams/ frauds.

Apart from knowledge-sharing and network-building, Money 2.0 Conference will also host a unique recognition program. This program will celebrate the tremendous contributions and hard work of the finance and insurance leaders and organizations. The honorees are recognized based on their creative innovations and strategies in the F&I sector. They will be awarded before other notable FinTech experts, analysts, and founders of successful businesses. To learn more about Money 2.0 Conference and its many offerings, please visit https://www.money2conf.com/.

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