//Marketing 2.0 Conference Is Prepped To Revisit Dubai With Its Winter Edition

Marketing 2.0 Conference Is Prepped To Revisit Dubai With Its Winter Edition

Marketing 2.0 Conference

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, DUBAI, July 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- This global marketing forum comprises highly engaging sessions, including keynote sessions, panel discussions, live Q/A sessions, fireside chats, and a dedicated space for exhibition booths. One can expect to exchange thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on product quality and marketing, advertising and marketing strategies, conversions to sales, different types of branding, customer-oriented innovations, creativity in advertising, spam traffic, transaction fraud, phishing scams, and ways to stay safe from general marketing scams/frauds.

When asked about the highlights of this Winter Edition, Sagar Sharma, Manager of the Marketing 2.0 Conference, expressed, “With this Winter feature, we aim to educate marketers about the modern marketing tools and techniques that can help them boost their sales conversions. Apart from introducing them to global marketers, we want to emphasize cross-cultural marketing objectives and practices. Also, one can learn more about content creation, success secrets of renowned brands, and the growing demand for personalization in the marketing and advertising sectors.”

During the pandemic, a vast shift in the customers’ shopping habits and behaviors also enhanced the competition in the marketing industry. With a motive to grab more customers, marketers are gaming up their advertising skills and strategies. Considering the impact of COVID-19, the Marketing 2.0 Conference will invite marketing leaders and organizations and encourage them to share their stories and journeys to help the new generation of professionals.

Marketing 2.0 Conference will host advertising gurus, marketing agencies, content creators, startups, investors, and e-commerce companies from all across the globe. These thought leaders get to meet, connect, and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and organizations. The global networking event acts as a mediator between startups and investors, organizations looking for collaborations, and as a platform for marketers seeking mentors and profitable growth opportunities.

Not just networking and learning opportunities, the Marketing 2.0 Conference also provides a recognition possibility to a handful of marketing experts and brands. This global event will recognize the commendable efforts and dedication of the changemakers and honor them through its recognition program. Being recognized before leading marketers and advertisers is a matter of pride and joy for the awardees. If you want to discover more about this marketing and advertising event, please visit https://www.marketing2conf.com/.

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