//Introducing Hoss Notarkesh – Canada’s Leading Executive Business Coach

Introducing Hoss Notarkesh – Canada’s Leading Executive Business Coach

Through his exceptional work, Hoss has outperformed both provincial and national performance indicators.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- In a personal development market saturated with self-proclaimed industry gurus, Hoss Notarkesh is rapidly becoming Canada’s top Executive Business Coach and Life Strategist.

Hoss Notarkesh is an Executive Business Coach and Tony Robbins Certified Life Strategist. He is the founder of Hoss Coaching, a career passion that has been fostered through his 17 years as a Senior Corporate Healthcare Executive, and helps entrepreneurs to discover their character strengths and passions to leverage their talent and market position them to live their full potential.

“After years of working for many corporations and building exceptional healthcare leadership teams, I realized I have the exceptional talent to discover individuals’ passion and skills,” Hoss says. “Since then, I have outperformed provincial and national performance indicators, which is just the by-product of loving what I was exceptionally good at. Today, my goal is to help you discover your passion to overcome weaknesses and support you in taking advantage of opportunities to eliminate threats. We apply this same principle, in fact, in every aspect of business, or as an executive in leadership strategies.”

“Ultimately, the secret strategy of mega enterprises to achieve the impossible is forecasting the future demand based on contrarian truth, which is solely capitalized on their strengths and leveraging from their market positioning,” Hoss states. “My mission is to help you do this through one of the many business strategy packages that I offer.”

Some of the business packages Hoss offers to clients include:

• Strategic Executive Coaching
• Small Business Strategic Planning Day (4 or 8 hours)
• Corporate Strategic Planning Day (1 to 3 days)
• Entrepreneurial Business Strategy Package

For more information about Hoss Notarkesh, or to book his services, please visit https://hossnotarkesh.com/.

About Hoss Notarkesh

Hoss Notarkesh is a renowned Executive Business Coach and Life Strategist from beautiful North Bay, Ontario. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Master of Business that provide him with the academic proficiency to help many individuals through their professional and personal journey to achieve their full potential.

In his last role as a Senior Corporate Healthcare Executive, Hoss supported the overall operation of ten long term care homes across Ontario, boasting a team of 9 executives, over 100 directors, and approximately 3000 frontline staff.

Currently, Hoss is a USA patent holder with 11 claims and his signature package is Passion-Discovery™, a proprietary process that is designed to support undergrads all the way to C-suite executives to optimize their full potential.

Hoss Notarkesh
Executive Business Coach and Life Strategist
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