//From Homeless to Building a 6-Figure Business During the Pandemic: Meet Tyla Reese

From Homeless to Building a 6-Figure Business During the Pandemic: Meet Tyla Reese

After losing her 9 to 5 job and becoming homeless, the founder of Beauty Executives Aesthetics is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere.

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- On a mission to help entrepreneurs take action and learn how to run a beauty business, Tyla Reese is the perfect role model, having herself gone from homeless to building a body contouring spa business with a 6-figure income in under a year during the COVID pandemic. Now the successful owner of The Beauty Executives Aesthetics, Tyla is proud of the fact that her black-owned business is the first in Boston to provide classes and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs.

After the birth of her premature baby who needed constant care, Tyla lost her job because she was taking too many days off. Homeless, and in dire financial straits, Tyla knew she had to take action, and took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

"I felt like my back was against the wall,” says Tyla. “My son was very sick and I needed to be by his side. Working in my own time seemed like the only solution.”

After spending almost the last of her savings on a lash class, this enterprising young woman started a business called Lash Mafia, which rapidly became a huge hit in her neighborhood as her reputation spread.

But like countless other business owners, Tyla was hit hard by the pandemic, and was forced to re-direct her energy, finally deciding to look into body sculpting.

“At a time when everyone was gaining weight, I came up with the solution of helping men and women get back into shape with top notch body sculpting and non-surgical liposuction procedures,” she explains. “And it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, achieving 6 figures in 6 months!”

At the Beauty Executives spa, clients are offered a wide variety of non-invasive body contouring and fat removal options, full-body waxing services, a wellness beauty shop and the most masterful eyelash extensions around. But Tyla also offers her services as a master instructor, teaching aspiring beauty and spa entrepreneurs the formula and techniques to build a 6-figure business in 6 months.

“I know first-hand how hard it is for working moms to find the time to make it to expensive classes. It can seem impossible. That's why I created an online course that’s comprehensive yet simple enough for anyone to follow. Women deserve to have careers they love without having to overspend, or taking time away from their children.”

Anyone interested in mastering the art of lash extensions can become accredited through the Beauty Executives’ Lashed Mafia University. As an online course, it can be completed on the student’s own schedule, while the guidance and resources provided through this accreditation program can be referred back to for a lifetime. On-site training is also available, along with financing options, in order to make the program as affordable as possible.

For more information about Beauty Executives Aesthetics, visit the website at www.beautyexecs.com, or Instagram.

About Tyla Reese

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Tyla Reese is renowned for having built a body contouring spa business to 6 figures in 6 months during the height of the COVID pandemic. She is now a master instructor, training aspiring entrepreneurs the formula and techniques to achieve the same success, and thus far has trained over a thousand students. On a mission to inspire other busy working women to take charge of their careers and lives, Tyla’s business, Beauty Executives, has become an industry leader in the Boston area for non-surgical body contouring and the removal of unwanted fat.

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