//Fashion trend: modular jewelry

Fashion trend: modular jewelry

Carlette Jewellery

Carlette Jewellery

Carlette Jewelry - Modular jewelry

Carlette Jewelry - Modular jewelry

Carlette Modular Jewelry

Carlette Modular Jewelry

Modular jewelry is not something many have yet heard of. Still, it's one of the recent trends in the industry.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, July 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Modular jewelry is not something many have yet heard of. Still, it's one of the recent trends in the industry.

This year's trends in jewelry are basically about the modular type of jewelry, a movement that gives you the freedom to be unique and creative on any occasion. Modular jewelry is a style of jewelry made up of various components that may be joined to produce a variety of appearances.

Modular jewelry: a must-have this year

Modular jewelry comprises small components joined together by a hinge or other mechanism. Parts are frequently interchangeable, allowing you to create new designs by mixing and matching them.

Modular jewelry is inspired by the concept of 'disassembling' and reassembling items. It definitely appeals to the new generations, but also the jewelry lovers of all ages.

One of the trendsetters in terms of modular jewelry is Carlette Jewellery. The brand provides its customers with unique jewelry that can be worn in various ways, depending on everyone's attire. Carlette Jewellery strives to bring attention to each woman's attractiveness, producing exceptional jewelry that can be worn at various events, every occasion, and every day.

"Jewelry has always been an emotive purchase, but customers are more eager than ever to express themselves, adding a personal touch to their style. In times when people are no longer finding themselves, they seek something to remind them of themselves. This is when modular jewelry plays its role and offers the versatility all women crave in fashion accessories."

Lavinia Lazar, founder of Carlette Jewellery

These modular jewelry pieces may be clasped practically anywhere, allowing the wearer to create a unique, individualised look that can be changed or updated.

Innovation in jewelry: modularity

Carlette has created an ingenious locking mechanism that has been patented. The screwdriver mechanism makes it simple to combine or swap Carlette charms to create one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Jewelry is a woman's best friend since it allows her to add the finishing touch to her outfit and appearance. You can always be distinctive in modular jewelry, and your inner flair will shine. Women deserve to feel special and valued, and their unique beauty should be celebrated. Carlette Jewellery features an impressive selection of charms that may be mixed and matched as desired, creating spectacular jewelry collections of simple yet stunning pieces.

Although the fashion world is changing quickly, this one-of-a-kind innovation has something special. It can be part of the timeless collections through which the owners can expose their style and originality.

About Carlette Jewellery

Carlette Jewellery is a Swiss jewelry brand that wants to give ladies a different approach to accessorizing and helping them find the best jewelry pieces. Modular jewelry is changing this industry through its simple but sophisticated way of adapting your accessories depending on the context and event.

Carlette Jewellery was founded by women with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to give more sensuality to those who wear jewelry creations. Their slogan is "Be Sensual. Be unforgiven. Be You" which highlights the sensuality and style of women worldwide.

Feminine collection is about how jewelry brings that extra sensuality into a woman's life, about emotion and the attraction we exert on our partners.

Glamor collection is for the moments when we want to impress, for the special occasions in life or simply for a certain mood when we want to shine.

Every Day collection defines us when we are ourselves, as the slogan urges us: be you - be yourself! It's about the confidence we have when we wear our favorite jewelry and what the Carlette offers you.

Every woman wants to feel special and appreciated, and Carlette Jewellery knows precisely how to make all the ladies the main characters of any play. You have to let your imagination free and create personalized and unique jewelry pieces.

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