//CloudOffix Continues Partnerships in Different Geographies

CloudOffix Continues Partnerships in Different Geographies

CloudOffix Beautiful UI

CloudOffix Beautiful UI

CloudOffix and Numla Join Forces

We are very excited to partner with CloudOffix to provide comprehensive and advanced CRM and CX tools.”
— Dr. Abrar Zafar / Numla.
CLAYMONT, DELAWARE, USA, July 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- CloudOffix, All-In-One CRM and Customer Experience (CX) Platform, continues to expand into different world geographies with new business partnerships.

CloudOffix signed a partnership agreement with the digital transformation company Numla headquartered in Dublin. Numla was founded in 2000 as an IT company in Belgium and moved its head office to Ireland in 2017 with a brand new business model. Numla also has San Francisco, Toronto, Brussels, Jeddah, and Karachi offices.

CloudOffix offers a unique solution to the companies it serves in digital transformation. CloudOffix has an integrated system where all modules work together and can manage the customer journey end-to-end. These natively integrated modules in CloudOffix are Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, e-Commerce Cloud, Project Cloud, Helpdesk Cloud, Invoicing Cloud, and HR Cloud. Companies using CloudOffix can be faster, more efficient, and more competitive. Furthermore, these companies do not have to use dozens of different products to obtain a perfect digital customer experience.

CloudOffix CEO Gokhan Erdogdu expressed his satisfaction with this valuable cooperation. Erdogdu; “We successfully provide digitalization services on CloudOffix low-code development platform with our natively integrated modules. In the selection of partners, Competence, knowledge, industry experience, and being able to dominate the market of the country in which it operates are our most important criteria.” he stated. Gokhan Erdogdu; “It is significant for us that our paths cross with Numla, our new partner in Ireland. I believe that with our partner, we will undertake many projects that will impact the sector.” he added.

“Our clients often look for a comprehensive and advanced CRM and CX tool. However, the current products in the market provide basic CRM facilities. That’s why we are excited to partner with CloudOffix to provide comprehensive and advanced CRM and CX tools to our clients.” stated Dr. Abrar Zafar, CTO, Numla.

About CloudOffix
CloudOffix is an All-In-One CRM and Customer Experience platform to unite all teams around customers by bringing Sales, Marketing, Project, Helpdesk, e-Commerce, Invoicing, and even HR together in a natively integrated, highly customizable, and collaborative environment. CloudOffix lets your entire team rally around a single platform for day-to-day work. One platform to learn. One place to check for notifications. There is no more constant switching between CRM, Email Marketing, Project Management, and other tools. Most importantly, there is no need to integrate all these applications. In this way, customers experience a more delightful digital experience.

About Numla
Numla is a global business and digital solutions provider with capabilities in ERP, HRM, e-commerce, and mobile apps services, including Training, Customization, and Support services on functional, technical, and server management. Numla was established in 2000 as a Belgian IT company and has grown into a multi-national organization.

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