//AnaChart Discloses NASDAQ 100 Top Stock Analysts

AnaChart Discloses NASDAQ 100 Top Stock Analysts

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Tesla Stock analysts

Tesla Stock analysts

Tesla stock analysts chart

Tesla stock analysts chart

AnaChart releasing for public view who are the best stock analysts are for NASDAQ 100

Transparency in equity research leads to trust and better working relationship with the investment community”
— Joseph Kalish
NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- AnaChart Is Democratising The Equity Research Market Through Radical Transparency

The innovative Fintech start-up uses its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to sort stock analysts' price guidance against the stocks' actual performance, to determine and demonstrate the accuracy of these recommendations

AnaChart is democratizing the equity research market through radical transparency. Founded in 2020, the innovative Fintech start-up provides its users with a competitive edge in determining the potential accuracy of future analysts' stock guidance.

Currently, self-directed investors have no way of knowing the accuracy of recommendations and price guidance being issued by stock analysts. But through the new platform, investors will get to see who the best stock analysts are for each of the NASDAQ 100 stocks for free, including such popular stocks as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, and META.

Through its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, AnaChart sorts the price guidance issued by analysts against the stocks' actual performance, to determine and demonstrate the accuracy of their recommendations. The company's proprietary algorithm rates the stock guidance accuracy of each analyst and creates a track record based on the history of their performance.

"We are very happy with the growth of AnaChart and confident that we can give back much more both to investors - who will enjoy a better level of clarity, and to the analysts who deserve to be recognized for the important work that they do,” says Joseph Kalish, CEO of AnaChart. “Now when investors read about a headline that a broker recommended Tesla or Apple, they can match a name and face to who the analyst actually is and see hers or his track record to match,” he adds.

Registered users of the platform can use the online table unavailable elsewhere, to discover who the best analysts are for each stock, and also learn how long it takes on average for their price targets to be met. By seeing each price target given on a timeline next to the stock price, users can tell if the respective recommendations of each analyst were beneficial and if they were given in advance or not.

Additionally, the platform also allows users to see how each analyst reacted to the moving stock price, and find out whether they have adjusted their recommendations or reaffirmed their position. Investors interested in learning more about the company or its new AI-powered platform can reach out to AnaChart via the contact info below.

About AnaChart

AnaChart is an innovative Fintech start-up driven to democratize the equity research market through radical transparency. Launched in 2020, the platform is dedicated to helping investors with their stock research by providing relevant context on financial news. Currently, AnaChart is the only website in the industry that shows previous as well as current price targets and ratings on a timeline per analyst per stock.

[1] Radical Transparency is a term coined by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater to encourage an open and honest dialogue, allowing the best thinking to prevail.

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