//Romanian News Platform Valahia News Chosen as News Partner by Visit Bucharest

Romanian News Platform Valahia News Chosen as News Partner by Visit Bucharest

Valahia News and Visit Bucharest Today collaboration

Valahia News and Visit Bucharest Today collaboration

Maria A from Valahia News

Maria A from Valahia News

Emma H from Visit Bucharest Today

Emma H from Visit Bucharest Today

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA, June 30, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- When looking for a website with news from Romania in English, chances are you land on Valahia News. It is one of the most dynamic platforms, and it's already captivating readers interested in news from this country.

Valahia News is a trustable source of daily Romanian and international news in English. It is appreciated for providing its followers with quality information and honest communication with a realistic perspective of the events. The platform presents well-documented articles on subjects of interest, daily news and interviews.

"We want to present the latest and the most important information of the day and stand out from other news sites in our niche through a strong connection with our readers. We write for the foreigners interested in investing in Romania, but also for those that want to get the latest political, economic or sports information" - Maria Andrioaei, Editor-in-chief Valahia News.

Valahia is the Romanian spelling of Wallachia, the old Romanian province. It is also the region where Bucharest, the country's capital, is placed. This is one of the reasons why Visit Bucharest prefers Valahia News as a news partner, as both have the same strong connection to the region and a good reputation among the readers.

"Our partnership with Valahia News represents an additional way of offering our readers more reliable and trustful information about the city, but also about the country. Many tourists travelling to Bucharest also want to be updated with the latest news from Romania. Especially during these tough times we live, a platform such as Valahia News can be a reassuring way of showing the tourists how safe is to travel to Romania" - Emma Hermeneanu, Project Manager, Visit Bucharest Today.

Both platforms provide useful information, but the partnership goes beyond the editorial content. There is also a more creative approach to that. Valahia News initiated one of the most challenging projects on Youtube: Romania in 30 seconds. The challenge is to present Romania in 30-second videos and offer the Youtube users a glimpse of different locations in the country.

"Most of the videos come from our readers, but also from the partnership we have with Visit Bucharest Today. This helps us offer more engaging content and provide our fans with more than editorial content" - Maria Andrioaei, Editor-in-chief, Valahia News.

Valahia News plans to expand its team by integrating a social media expert into new social media channels.

About Valahia News
Valahia News is an English platform publishing news from Romania and international news. The articles published cover subjects such as politics, social issues, sports, and technical/digital.

The name of the publication comes from the former historical region of the country, Valahia, spelled by the English speakers as 'Wallachia,' the one where Bucharest is situated. The term "Walachia" is an exonym seldom used by Romanians, who prefer the term "Țara Românească" – Romanian Country or Romanian Land.

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E-mail: contact@valahia.news

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Visit Bucharest Today! gives all visitors to Romania's capital a travel platform that not only showcases Bucharest's attractions freshly and excitingly but also allows them to make bookings online. The platform assists travellers in making the most of any vacation or city break to Bucharest.

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