//Piktochart Rolls Out a New Editor Empowering Users to Create Visuals Faster

Piktochart Rolls Out a New Editor Empowering Users to Create Visuals Faster

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The redesigned Piktochart Visual editor enables users to create and share visuals easily.

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A library of 3.5 million icons by IconScout is now included in Piktochart.

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As part of Piktochart’s goal to build the future of information design, the company has rolled out the completely-redesigned Piktochart Visual editor.

PENANG, MALAYSIA, June 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Piktochart completes an 18-month redesign project of its visual communication platform to help users be more efficient. The new editor has everything for professionals to create, design, and share visuals. Easy to navigate, it helps them get their visuals done faster without compromising quality.

“Over the past few years, we’ve gathered user feedback regarding features and accessibility. So eighteen months ago, we got to work on a mission to redesign the entire Piktochart editor. Our goal was to make the design elements and visual content creation options more visible, quickly accessible, and simple to use yet effective,” said Elvin Lee, Product Manager at Piktochart.

Here are the most notable improvements of the new Piktochart editor:

• The left sidebar now houses all the tools needed to design with ease—graphs, charts, copyright-free images, icons, color schemes, and text frames.
• Another change brought by this release is a new library of 3.5 million icons by IconScout, introduced to help users create original visuals, from presentations, reports, and infographics to posters, flyers, or social media graphics. The new IconScout library is available for Pro accounts. Free accounts still have access to Piktochart’s icons library.
• As part of the goal to make the user experience more efficient, the newly-redesigned editor comes with a universal color scheme feature. Pro customers don’t need to recreate a color scheme for every visual they work on while ensuring color consistency across all visuals created.
• An improved user experience for cropping and resizing images; users can add an image or photo frame of their preferred size to their visuals with one click.

Piktochart also includes the following new features and improvements with this major product update:

- Eyedropper tool or color picker
- Seamless masking
- Multiple options for resizing presentations and texts
- A more powerful auto-saving feature
- Color customization of text for charts and maps
- Improved viewing experience for various screen sizes
- Option to reorganize content blocks or presentation pages through the right sidebar.

Piktochart’s redesigned editor can be accessed for free by signing up at https://piktochart.com/.

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Founded in 2011, Piktochart is an all-in-one visual communication platform for creating professional visuals and repurposing video content online. Chosen by 11 million professionals worldwide, Piktochart lets you quickly turn any text- or data-heavy content into a visual story that your audience will love. For more information, visit www.piktochart.com.

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