//Janet DeMaria of Skadoosie to be Featured on Close Up Radio

Janet DeMaria of Skadoosie to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As parents, we want the absolute best for our sweet little newborn babies. During their first few months of life newborns need to feel especially comfortable in their clothing. Onesies are the staple of every baby’s wardrobe since they have many practical uses, but are onesies created with quality as we think? Are they actually harmful to our newborn baby’s delicate skin?

Janet DeMaria is an inventor, entrepreneur, owner, and founder of Skadoosie, an online apparel for newborns.

“I invented a onesie with no snaps or zippers for newborns up to 6 months old, Patented, Trademarked and Made in the USA. They conveniently go on like a blouse. My Skadoosies easily attach in the front with baby soft Velcro which is adjustable at the sides and back so it’s a much simpler process than traditional onesies and come off so much easier to change their diapers/clothes, so it’s time saving and stress free dressing for parents.”

Not only are her no snap Skadoosies comfy they epitomize affordability, durability, and stylish for your little sweet cherubs. They even come in super cute patterns with a wide assortment to choose from. Besides that, Skadoosies are sustainably made from conventional USA organic cotton meaning not grown with the use of pesticides and insecticides, a no brainer since youngsters are especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxins. In fact, some snaps contain traces of metals which are actually cancer causing.

An interior designer by trade, Janet decided to leave her corporate job after her husband tragically and unexpectedly passed away from asbestos cancer. In deep mourning, feeling she needed positive change, she decided to start babysitting. One day, while she was changing the diapers of a 4-month-old she found herself extremely frustrated with the snaps on the baby’s onesies. These snaps were the cause of sweating and rashes when her own son was a baby. At that point, it dawned on her that she could design her own onesie, so she expertly began creating prototypes. Her clients were her little models and once they began wearing her Skadoosies it was more than obvious, they were much safer and convenient than traditional ones! Gone are the days of discomfort, rashes, and sweating for our pampered little babies.

Soon after, Janet began diligently working with a manufacturer, and started attending trade shows and expos all over the country, officially becoming an online business. In 2016 Janet acquired her patent. Skadoosie has received, Parents Magazine Editor Pick 2018 titled “Why didn’t I think of that”, The National Parenting Seal of Approval, and Mom’s Choice Award Gold.

Today, she is experiencing a surge in happy satisfied clients and is proud that every sale she makes contributes to finding a cure for asbestos cancer in honor of her beloved husband.

Janet says for those of us thinking inventions must be technical or complicated, it can actually as be as simple as possible and yet be life changing.

Currently, she is adding hoodies and a bigger variety of adorable design with ruffles and will even custom design any of her Skadoosies at her client’s request.

Janet urges us to follow our dreams and bring them to fruition.

“Never did I imagine I would be reinventing myself in my 60s but life has unexpected surprises that bring us moments of clarity. Finding your life’s purpose makes life worth going and with determination and arduous work you can make anything happen.”

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