//Gausium and Candroid Robotics Gave a Successful Show at ISSA Show Canada 2022

Gausium and Candroid Robotics Gave a Successful Show at ISSA Show Canada 2022

Vacuum 40 at ISSA Show Canada 2022

Gausium cleaning robots were demonstrated on site

TORONTO, CANADA, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- At the recent REMI ISSA Show Canada 2022 held in Toronto Canada, a squad of leading edge floor cleaning robots were demonstrated on site to industry leaders. The leading autonomous floor cleaning robot provider Gausium and its Canadian partner Candroid Robotics showcased Vacuum 40, Scrubber 50 and Scrubber 75.

These cleaning robots are each designed in different sizes and with specialized functionalities to meet all the cleaning requirements of varied commercial or industrial facilities. As the world’s top trade show for cleaning industry, the ISSA show gathered leading facility owners, managers, service providers and industry professionals to share the latest innovations. Candroid was able to showcase the Gausium cleaning machines to the influential show attendees. The live, on-site demonstrations, highlighted the latest technologies that yield consistent, exceptional cleaning efficiency, intelligent performance, and ease of use.

Gausium’s best-selling Scrubber 50 Pro clean robot became the focal point of the on-site demonstrations at the show because of its multifunctionality and the unique Auto Spot Cleaning feature enabled by deep learning. This feature allows Scrubber 50 to scan the cleanliness of the nearby floor and automatically clean where wastes or stains are detected, achieving a 400% efficiency improvement and reducing energy consumption by cleaning only where it is necessary. Candroid Robotics also demonstrated the ability of Vacuum 40 and Scrubber 50 to connect with the charging dock to recharge itself and minimize human intervention during the operation.

The partnership between Gausium and Candroid is based on the shared value in technological innovation and their shared vision to lead the smart digital transformation of the cleaning sectors. With years of commitment to the R&D in fields like navigation algorithms, cloud computing and other robotic technologies, Gausium has set the benchmark in the industry by providing the world’s most comprehensive robotic floor cleaning solutions with extensive applications. Gausium’s technical expertise, combined with Candroid’s knowledge of the Canadian cleaning industry and local hands-on support for national implementation and training, make this partnership an essential consideration for organizations seeking efficient and reliable commercial cleaning solution for the future.

Gausium (alias “Gaussian Robotics”) was founded by Edward CHENG in 2013 out of a passion for autonomous driving. It started as a solutions provider of SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) and integrated robotics software. Today, Gausium has become a leading solutions provider of AI-powered autonomous cleaning and service robots with currently the world’s most comprehensive commercial cleaning bot portfolio. Currently, Gausium’s products and services include commercial floor cleaning robots, indoor delivery robots and supplementary accessories like docking stations, cloud platform and application software.

About Candroid
Candroid Robotics Corporation is a Canadian owned and operated technology driven solutions provider headquartered in Markham Ontario. With a national network of distributors and in house technical support, Candroid is well positioned to provide autonomous equipment with deployment and training support to the commercial floor cleaning industry.

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