//ANY.RUN Benefits to Cybersecurity Community

ANY.RUN Benefits to Cybersecurity Community

ANY.RUN gives a new opportunity for cybersecurity conferences, summits, seminars, and workshops. We can partner for marketing promotions and events prizes.

SPAIN, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- ANY.RUN gives a new free opportunity: the service is ready to sponsor or exhibit cybersecurity conferences, summits, seminars, and workshops. We can provide your event with free licenses, marketing promotions, etc. It’s an exclusive chance to award your audience with a useful tool for malware analysis.

ANY.RUN sandbox

ANY.RUN is an interactive malware analysis sandbox. The service detects, analyzes, and monitors cybersecurity threats. ANY.RUN is holding a leading position among platforms that detect malicious programs. More than 300k malware analytics work with the service. And a lot of users benefit from the platform’s results of the investigation.

ANY.RUN sponsors the Osintomático Conference

ANY.RUN has a successful experience in sponsoring cybersecurity conferences. Have a look at this use case:

May 20-21, the Osintomático Conference was held in Madrid. It was the first experience for ANY.RUN sandbox to support a conference. And then, the service became a sponsor of the CTF competition. There were 4 premium subscriptions provided: Hunter plan, an exclusive license given for winners of the first places. They got expanded access to high-quality malware analysis.

“From the organization, we want to thank ANY.RUN for their support in this first edition of the Osintomático Conference, hoping to continue with this union in all the editions that will take place from now on."

Roberto Gonzalez, Co-Founder of the Osintomático Conference

Find out more about the event in the article at ANY.RUN blog.

Get an exclusive offer

ANY.RUN is glad to offer an opportunity for cybersecurity conferences, summits, seminars, and workshops to use ANY.RUN service for free:

1. Free licenses: the event can be provided with a premium plan so the audience can enjoy a high-quality analysis of different cyber threats.

2. Marketing promotion: a post in our blog in a format of your choice, promotion on a social media

3. Your ad placement: we are ready to place your event’s promo code or other offers on our platforms.

If you have any other ideas, we are always open to discussion.

Contact Galina Zueva, our PR manager for collaboration offers at g.zueva@any.run with the tag “ANY.RUN sponsorship.” Note that the number of places is limited.

You can find more details in the blog post.

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