//5WPR Founder with Tips for Launching a Book

5WPR Founder with Tips for Launching a Book

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, June 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Ronn Torossian, founder of 5WPR and author of For Immediate Release, says that every book needs a book announcement press release. A press release for a book launch is a tool that tells the media how and why a book can have influence. If a press release on a book launch does not have relevant information, a book might not be reviewed. A press release for a book can be a highly effective tool, especially if it gets picked up by a major magazine or journal.

Uses of a press release
A press release for a book can help generate buzz and lead to coverage in magazines, blog posts, and interviews. It is like a free marketing tool, and an author can use it to introduce their book to the target audience. If the book manages to draw the attention of book reviewers, editors, publishers, and bloggers, they might spread information about the book which would help to increase its audience.

Components of the press release
As an author, Torossian says a standard press release of a book needs to draw the attention of readers. It should have a description of the book and give reasons why a reader should read it. It should also provide basic information about the book such as name and relevant information on the author, date of publication, and where the book can be purchased. A creative way of pitching the book can also be used as a hook. Emphasis should be given on what makes the book different from others. Is it on a trending topic? Does it have an intriguing plot? Given below are steps to write an effective press release on books.

The proper format
For the press to respond to a press release on a book, it is necessary that it is in the proper format. It should have a headline which should be ideally less than 20 words. The headline should also be attention-grabbing. The sub-header is the sentence that provides more information about a book. The press release should also have a quote from the book and the quote should be interesting. For a nonfiction book, the press release should talk about what problem the book solves. For fiction, it is essential to get the right angle that will draw the attention of the readers and the media. The entire release should be written in third person and should include a short author bio. There should not be excessive details on the author, maybe some of their achievements that build their credibility as an author. The conventional format should not be ditched in favor of being unique.

Call to action
The press release should have certain aims. Are the media people being invited to any event? Should they write blogs about the book? Should they invite the author for an interview?

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