//UK’s first CO2-Neutral Venue, Oceandiva London, Set to Launch in Autumn

UK’s first CO2-Neutral Venue, Oceandiva London, Set to Launch in Autumn

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A new revolutionary events venue is preparing to set sail on the River Thames as the UK's first carbon neutral venue

ENGLAND, May 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Set to launch in Autumn 2022, the Oceandiva London is a ship-shaped events venue that offers a blank canvas to allow clients to meet their exact needs, all whilst taking into account of the environmental impacts of large events, and reducing them where possible.

Spread across three decks, the Oceandiva will become the largest floating event space on the Thames, able to seat 600 seated or 1,500 standing guests. Whether static or sailing down the river, the impressive 86 metre-length vessel offers voyage goers the perfect backdrop of London's dynamic and iconic skyline, sure to bring a heightened sense of occasion to any event.

The giant vessel is powered by two independent Samsung lithium battery packs, which are kept charged by a green power shore connection, as well as by mounted solar panels. The carbon emissions from the engines isn't the only thing that Oceandiva mitigates, as hi-tech soundproofing is also deployed to reduce the levels of sound pollution, allowing for a smooth, quiet journey down the river.

The heating, air-conditioning and ventilation are all regulated with the temperature of the Thames itself, leading to an impressive 60% reduction in energy use. Food and drinks are also sourced from environmentally-friendly suppliers, to help aim for the lowest carbon footprint humanly possible. Additionally, waste water from the vessel is recycled using an MBBR system, which repurposes the water back to a level which surpasses PLA requirements, allowing it to be reused.

If this wasn't enough to reduce the carbon impact of the vessels, Oceandiva will use ultra-modern technology to monitor activity and emissions during events, and track the carbon impact in real time. By monitoring this data and working with industry body Isla, they will be able to make or recommend changes to further reduce the impact over the course of an event. This includes scrutinising everything from food and beverage choices, travel arrangements, energy usage, and everything else in between.

Oceandiva then balances out these extra emissions through tree planting, and the purchase of carbon units via the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC), and also funds projects certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). By taking all of these steps, Oceandiva is committed to creating a more sustainable future, and showing everyone how it can be managed.

The commitment to carbon neutrality has not affected the usability of the space, if anything it has allowed for a much bigger venue without all of the associated emissions issues. The vessel boasts over 2,625m² of unimpeded events space, and the vast upper deck offers the perfect place to host receptions or to finish the night amongst the backdrop of the bustling cityscape.

Oceandiva's focus for the event space is on creating a totally blank canvas, allowing for clients to turn the ship into anything they require. The layout of the ship allows for huge areas with distinct purposes, and with the use of stands and branding, could offer the perfect space for any occasion. As well as the large events floor, Oceandiva London will provide in-house catering via Moving Venue, which offers a 220 dining capacity catering area.

On the launch of this new venue, Tom Bristow, Managing Director of the Plus Exhibition Stands, said: “We are extremely excited for the launch of the UK’s first CO2 neutral events venue, especially at the success Oceandiva has had in countries such as the Netherlands and Germany”.

The Oceandiva is the work of Smart Group, a collective of hospitality and events related businesses with over 25 years of experience when it comes to holiday events. Oceandiva currently sails vessels in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, with Oceandiva London set to join the fleet in the Autumn.

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