//(Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth invited to address on the new challenges of global pharma industry at i-Pharma 2022,London

(Prof) Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth invited to address on the new challenges of global pharma industry at i-Pharma 2022,London

Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, Founder, Rupus Global Limited.

Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, Founder, Dr Ashleys Limited

Global Pharma in paradigm shift.R&D Spending & New Drug Development will be key drivers for Pharma Innovations says Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- California, United States. (Prof) Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, Managing Director of Rupus Global Limited (www.rupusglobal.com) asserted that going forward, Partnerships & Collaborations will drive the global pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth will be sharing his thoughts at the 3rd International Pharmaceutical Conference in London, UK on July 14-15, 2022. Innovations, Inventions & Initiatives to explore both Covid & Non Covid Portfolios. The global pharmaceuticals market size was USD 1,230.2 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 2,151.1 billion by 2027./ In comparison to other industries, pharmaceutical companies are more driven by the imperative to manufacture innovative products, and thus to spend significant amounts on research and development. This is largely due to the time-limited patent protection of drugs and the following threat of sales erosion through generic and biosimilar competition. Two major effects of patent expirations for the pharma industry are a specific high R&D intensity and a growing focus on specialty drugs to diversify their product portfolio.For the last several years, major developments in pharmaceutical research and development have begun to change the R&D landscape. A growing number of drug manufacturers are outsourcing large parts of R&D, mostly to clinical research organizations (also contract research organizations), with the main aim to reduce costs

Rupus Global Limited has an extensive research portfolio of Pharmaceutical API’s in key segments such as Anti-Inflammatory,Analgesic,Anti-Pyretic,Anti–Protozoal Agent,Anti–Diabetic, AntiDiarrheal, Anti-Protozoal, Anti-Parasitic, Vitamins, Inflammatory Pain Excipients, Sterile Penicillin, Anti Cancer
Armed with Chemical Engineering degree, Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is currently the promoter Director of Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical company Rupus Global Limited.Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a global opinion maker of contemporary issues & a much sought after speaker in various international forums. Dr Kannan is credited with reputation for innovation, social connections, track record for value creation and investor expectations for value creation. As a Research Scholar, Dr. Kannan has published many research papers & is associated with many top notch International Institutions as Editorial Reviewer. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth is a global Citizen & a strong believer in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Over the years, Dr. Kannan has slowly transitioned away from Corporate World and into philanthropic & academic ventures. Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth, 45 years, is the Founder and Promoter & Managing Director of our Company. He holds a doctorate in Business Management (Ph.D.). He has an experience of 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. As the Promoter & Managing Director, Dr. Vishwanatth, has been the backbone of our Company’s operations and is involved in formulating the Company’s strategy. Under his guidance, our Company, ventured into new geographies with a wide product range in various therapeutic segments. His vision and value system have guided the organization towards profitable sustainability. Believing in delegation of responsibility, Dr. Vishwanatth created a professional team and expects Rupus Global Limited to emerge as a global player across multiple therapeutic segments.

RUPUS GLOBAL LIMITED is a research-focused vertically integrated pharmaceutical Company, which Contract manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), finished dosage forms (FDFs), and provides contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS).The Company focuses on 5 niche business areas viz. anti-malarial, multi-therapeutic Lozenges, Oncology Products, HIV products, and Codeine-based cough syrups.The Company is a market leader in the Antimalarial API segment and is the world’s third-largest contract manufacturer of Quinine salts.RUPUS GLOBAL LIMITED product portfolio consists of the second generation, Quinine-based anti-malarial APIs, third-generation Artemisinin-based anti-malarial APIs; Niche APIs, and FDFs complimented by APIs in HIV, Diabetes, Ace Inhibitor, and CNS.

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