//KaraFun to Launch Game-Changing Tool in the Karaoke Space – Vocal Match

KaraFun to Launch Game-Changing Tool in the Karaoke Space – Vocal Match

The company has garnered 2 billion combined views on its Karaoke YouTube channel.

FRANCE, May 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The KaraFun Group is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its unique karaoke tool designed to engage users like never before – the Vocal Match app.

Founded in 2005, KaraFun Group is an international company that boasts a fusion of talented musicians and technology enthusiasts, working hand-in-hand, to create and deliver up-to-date, efficient, and high-quality applications in the field of karaoke and instrumental backtracks. The company’s team works from licensing (obtaining permission to reproduce a song), produces its titles in about thirty studios around the world, and develops applications to include the produced songs. KaraFun’s mission is to spread joy and good humor through musical applications.

In the company’s latest news, KaraFun will soon be releasing its latest and most innovative tool to date – Vocal Match. Vocal Match is a karaoke feature developed in collaboration with the company’s music partner, BLEASS, and is able to record the user’s voice, analyze it, and calculate voice compatibility with its entire catalog of 50,000 songs. The resulting matches give users an unrestricted field of songs that will flatter their vocal range and make them karaoke superstars.

“We’ve put all our technical and musical expertise into creating a unique tool in the karaoke world: meet Vocal Match,” says Product Owner of KaraFun, Eugénie Hospital. “In addition to being a remarkable and technical feature, this tool is intuitive and offers a fun and personalized touch to the traditional karaoke or singing experience.”

Vocal Match will be launching the 1st of June and will be available on smartphone and tablet (Android and iOS). The company is also looking for a select group of influencers to gain exclusive access, share their impressions, and be placed at the heart of its creative process.

For more information about KaraFun’s applications, please visit https://www.karafun.com/.

About KaraFun

KaraFun is a specialist in instrumental music committed to designing and distributing innovative technologies in the service of music throughout the world. Through the team’s dynamic group of musicians, developers, designers, and customer care, KaraFun brings together talents from all walks of life with the mission of spreading joy and good humor through musical applications.

The company’s applications began launching in 2011, with each of them being available on multiple devices, smartphones, tablets, and even televisions. The brand’s karaoke sessions are so popular that one is launching every 10 seconds around the world. Not only that, but the company boasts a catalog composed of 50k songs, with 300+ tracks being added each month.

Since inception, 13 million karaoke parties have been powered by KaraFun, with the company’s YouTube channel gaining 2+ million followers and 2 billion accumulated views.

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