//InnerSpace Improves Security and Efficiency with the InterConnect Lock System

InnerSpace Improves Security and Efficiency with the InterConnect Lock System

An InterConnect lock on an InnerSpace Pace Medical Cart showing both a keypad lock option and a proximity lock option

InterConnect’s OLED screen has a bright, easy to read display. Keypad locks are standard but can be upgraded to proximity locks. Proximity locks can be assigned as badge swipe, PIN or badge swipe, or both PIN and badge swipe for increased security.

Woman using Interconnect Lock on a Roam medical supply cart

A reliable, secure, and user-friendly lock system is good insurance for your organization’s supply inventory.

A stainless steel Pace medical cart, roam cart, and tall Pace cart all with InterConnect locks.

The InterConnect Lock System is available on all Roam and Pace carts from InnerSpace healthcare.

InnerSpace is pleased to announce InterConnect: designed to up the security of your inventory and assist staff with an easy-to-use, easy-to-read lock system.

We’re adding security and efficiency to our customers’ lives by making it easy to change security credentials and autolock time, as well as to identify who has access to what carts”
— Ben Barber, InnerSpace CEO
MARNE, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- InnerSpace, a Solaire Medical Company, is pleased to introduce the InterConnect Lock System.

The InterConnect lock features an OLED display and on-screen prompts that take the guesswork out of managing and accessing locks. Compared to a typical laminated keypad that, at the most, might offer a lit screen, InterConnect gives a person more information for a better experience. The lock’s bright display can be read clearly at wider viewing angles. The keypad is designed for easy input, even when users are gloved, and the low gloss, textured keypad is resistant to scratching and damage from cleaning. Included in the offering is a proximity lock option.

The InterConnect Plus lock is WiFi-enabled through InnerSpace’s Smart Solutions platform that lets an administrator manage the security of the cart fleet across a healthcare campus and satellite facilities. “With InterConnect Plus and Smart Solutions, we’re adding security and efficiency to our customers’ lives by making it easy to change security credentials and autolock time as well as to identify who has access to what carts,” says InnerSpace CEO Ben Barber. “Being able to manage credentials with the stroke of a key saves time and provides added security at the cart level.”

InterConnect Plus with Smart Solutions proactively facilitates cart maintenance and restocking and sends alerts for low battery and lost network connection. A downloadable report tracks cart access, alerts, and users. Data is retained in the event of a power outage and automatically uploads when power is restored.

The Smart Solutions platform is a cloud-based subscription service that also provides customers with benefits to their bottom line. “The need for this type of lock product has been around for a long time, but it’s been cost prohibitive,” says Barber. “In many cases, a WiFi-enabled lock could be double the cost of a cart. That upfront cost priced this solution out of the market.” The subscription-based platform offers a more affordable option that also saves administrators time managing cart fleet security.

About InnerSpace, a Solaire Medical Company

InnerSpace specializes in storage solutions for healthcare facilities. It offers a cohesive system of carts, cabinets, and modular casework that improves staff and facility efficiency and an organization’s bottom line. The InnerSpace portfolio includes the Quick line of open storage products.

Coming full circle is the story of the InnerSpace and Solaire Medical journey. The company’s history dates back to the 1980s and Datel, a small medical storage business, which counted among its leadership the now-owners of InnerSpace. Datel evolved into InnerSpace, a healthcare storage manufacturer focused on department-specific hospital storage products.

In 2008, InnerSpace was sold, and a few years later Solaire Medical was born with the intent to take the medical storage knowledge honed over the years to further innovate the design, materials, and construction of medical storage. In 2018, Solaire Medical acquired InnerSpace. The combined expertise, experience, and innovation developed over the years is evident in a portfolio of products and a knowledgeable team of salespeople, storage consultants, and service representatives who create value for customers by improving the organization of equipment and supplies and the efficiency of staff.

InnerSpace is headquartered in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, area.

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