//Chalice Launches Industry-First Solution for Programmatic Carbon Optimization

Chalice Launches Industry-First Solution for Programmatic Carbon Optimization

Powered by Scope3, Chalice’s Carbon Optimizer is a first-of-its-kind offering that leverages carbon-intelligent ad buying algorithms for programmatic

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Chalice, a New York based ad technology company, today announced Carbon Optimizer, powered by Scope3, for brands seeking to measure, reduce and offset the supply chain emissions of programmatic ad campaigns.

Chalice is a technology solution that deploys custom algorithms into programmatic buying platforms that help brand marketers leverage custom data sets to optimize ad buys. With Carbon Optimizer, brands can customize ad buying algorithms using carbon-intelligent decisioning, adding a new dimension to their programmatic buying and moving from “cost and cover” to “cost, cover, and carbon.”

It’s estimated that the data centers that power the Internet produce 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, or approximately the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry. In response to climate-driven pressure from customers, investors, regulators and employees, brands are increasingly looking at the emissions from the carbon-fueled advertising ecosystem as a new frontier for reducing their organizational carbon footprint.

As they move ad budgets to meet their climate goals and commitments, these brands are turning to technology partners like Chalice to inform and execute more carbon-aware advertising campaigns. Chalice’s Carbon Optimizer helps brands turn commitments into action and realize immediate emissions reductions without sacrificing business results.

“At Code3, we’re committed to operate our business sustainably, acting on our values wherever we can. That’s why we’re excited to work with Chalice on optimizing to lower carbon emissions by choosing supply paths that reduce our carbon footprint,” said Sean Nowlin, director of programmatic at Code3. “We're evaluating the carbon footprint for our clients who've seen performance lift with custom algorithms and would like to build reduced carbon emissions into campaign optimization."

A study by Chalice found that brands typically emit between 1.3 metric tons and 1.6 metric tons per 1MM ad impressions. Emerging research shows that brands are increasingly willing to pay to offset these emissions while simultaneously seeking solutions that reduce the metric ton count of their campaigns. With Carbon Optimizer, Chalice is providing the programmatic solution for sustainable advertising, allowing brands to achieve carbon goals through reduction and high-quality offsets without compromising on performance goals like CPA and effective reach.

“We could not be more excited about adding carbon footprint data into clients’ digital ad decisioning. Increasingly, clients are asking about the sustainability of their advertising, and we have built a solution that factors in the cost of emissions into our media buying while enabling the client to buy high-quality carbon offsets that makes a campaign carbon neutral. Our company explicitly values sustainability and partnering with Scope3 on this offering lets us demonstrate our values in a very public way,” said Adam Heimlich, CEO of Chalice.

Underlying Carbon Optimizer is Scope3’s supply chain emissions data. Scope3 delivers a predictive model of emissions for every publisher and vendor across advertising channels and integrates with planning, measurement and reporting tools to seamlessly deliver carbon-adjusted metrics. Ultimately, Scope3 provides the path to discover, divert, measure and offset emissions and make advertising campaigns carbon neutral.

“Brands intent on understanding and reducing supply chain emissions across all aspects of their business and are seeking partners and providers that can deliver a straight path to reaching their climate commitments,” said Brian O’Kelley, CEO of Scope3. “Scope3 partners like Chalice are answering the call for sustainable advertising, delivering emissions data-driven innovations and accountability into client engagements. We’re excited to work with Chalice to infuse emissions reductions into the programmatic lifecycle.”

About Chalice
Chalice is advertising AI for Brands. For brand marketers seeking better campaign performance, Chalice provides programmatic bidding algorithms that optimize to a brand’s custom business goals. Chalice utilizes sophisticated ad buying algorithms created through the company’s proprietary machine learning pipeline. With Chalice, brands leverage their owned data, choice of measurement, and custom data sets to automate ad buying decisions.

About Scope3
Scope3 is the source of truth for supply chain emissions data. For organizations seeking to make carbon-aware business decisions, Scope3 is the standard that delivers an accurate, comprehensive, and independent emissions model for every company in the digital ecosystem. Today, companies rely on Scope3 to measure, report and offset their carbon emissions from digital initiatives and move closer to achieving net-zero carbon emissions goals.

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