//Gabe Furtado captures hearts and eardrums with the release of his new LP, “Flowers”

Gabe Furtado captures hearts and eardrums with the release of his new LP, “Flowers”

Gabe Furtado reveals his journey to self-acceptance and love with his latest album, "Flowers."

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Brazilian-born artist Gabe Furtado captures hearts and encourages self-love and acceptance with his sophomore album, "Flowers." The energetic and infectious album is filled with optimistic messages sure to lift your mood and get listeners dancing to its energetic beats. As a result of Gabe's dedication to healing his past, "Flowers" takes listeners on a self-love journey. Gabe states, "I'm showing you different sides of me than I've shown in the past. This album allowed me to express my vulnerability once again and open up my heart in different ways with tracks like "Closer," "Stay," and "I'm Just Myself."

Packed with good vibes, love, and hope, "Flowers" is a tribute to Gabe's personal journey and one of his most freeing experiences. Gabe reveals, "From the pre-production process to the moment I sent the album to my distributor, everything about “Flowers” came together so naturally that I've never experienced anything so beautiful before." Diverse in subject, "Flowers" covers topics of happiness and confidence in tracks like "Flowers," "Diamonds," and "Angels," while expressing his faith in tracks such as "Believe" and "Golden Hour," and showing his sweet romantic side with "See the Moon." But, most importantly, every track on "Flowers" certainly gets the listener on the dance floor with tracks like "Imperfectly Perfect," and "Dance Everyday."

With music brimming with light and positive energy, Gabe believes his latest LP, "Flowers," is unique and special, providing the listener with joy, empowerment, and self-love. Gabe states, "I've never been prouder of anything before as I am of "Flowers." This album gives the world more love and hopes for a better tomorrow while making you feel genuinely good."

"Flowers" is available on all music platforms.

About Gabe Furtado
Gabe Furtado began his music career in 2014 by releasing cover songs by Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Mika. Afterward, he started making homemade videos on his YouTube channel for two songs accompanying his EP. With the success of the videos, he decided to make his first original LP, "Life." Receiving critical acclaim, Gabe is now thriving with the release of his sophomore album "Flowers."

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