//5WPR CEO Announces Top PR Trends

5WPR CEO Announces Top PR Trends

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 5WPR CEO Announces Top PR Trends

Dara Busch, CEO of 5WPR, says it is impossible to overstate the importance of public relations, particularly in these challenging times. What mattered to customers a couple of years ago might be different from what matters to them today. PR is about influencing and building relationships and shaping the public’s perception of an organization. Companies should have PR strategies in place that are relevant to the audience at any given time. Given below are some PR trends that should be adopted to make sure that the communications goals of an organization are met.

Diversity and Inclusion
In the past couple of years, major movements have given voice to minority groups who want their voices to not only be heard but also represented. A lot of companies are strengthening their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, as there are many advantages in doing so. A diverse workforce is more productive and employees feel more safe and productive at their workplace if their coworkers are diverse. As more and more companies embrace DE&I, PR teams can make it a part of their campaigns.

Use Podcasts
Podcasts allow an in-depth look at people behind businesses. Podcasts offer realism by drawing examples from life as well as a deep dive into topics that may not be covered comprehensively on social media platforms. There are quite a few podcasts that are suited to a niche. For instance, “PR Yourself” with Leah Frazier is an extremely informative podcast for businesses that want affordable media exposure.

Engagement is more important than promotion
Turbulent economies and advanced technologies have transformed the relationship between organizations and their audiences. The evolving PR landscape makes it necessary for organizations to think strategically about which PR practices should be used to capture interest and attention. Messaging should be personalized and there should be transparency about business values and missions, as the audience today is largely skeptical. To build their reputations, companies should make interactive videos, blogs, and podcasts that engage target audiences. Each message and comment from the audience should be responded to, as each communication channel should serve as a two-way street.

Influencer Marketing
Many businesses have been using influencer marketing for PR. Influencer marketing can be used in a PR campaign to develop brand awareness. With shifting consumer expectations, influencer marketing is moving forward, and influencers' large following on social media make them assets in helping brands grow. An influencer can be a blogger, a vlogger, a podcaster, or anyone with enough credibility to shape the opinions of their audience. PR professionals should understand an influencer’s niche, content, and audience in order to work with them.

It is essential for businesses to be genuine if they want to connect with their target audience. Authenticity puts aside all pretenses and expresses what a business really stands for. With PR professionals increasingly using technology for personalized experiences, it is essential to maintain the human element that makes customization authentic. The pandemic resulted in an abundance of misinformation and fake news, leaving customers unsure of who to trust. Customers expect businesses to be ethical, and for that, PR efforts need to be authentic.

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

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