//Do you know what your customers problems are?

Do you know what your customers problems are?

You receive a call. Your customer has identified a computer problem – their computer is turning off when they open Microsoft Word. But, is that their ONLY problem? A little investigation may reveal more problems then they originally let on and with that some increased revenue or ideas for more products to be sold by you. Here are some questions to ask your computer repair customers when you arrive at their location.

Is your data backed up?
Backing up their data is not only good for you, saving potential problems down the line, but also good for the customer. A recent backup awareness study by Backblaze determined that 94% of people risk data loss by not properly backing up their data. This is a serious concern given the data which might be their computer – personal photos, business documents, financial records, etc. Offering to backup their data will help you increase your onsite time, billable services and gain you a potential recurring revenue stream.

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When did you last update your anti-virus service?
A study article posted on tomshardware.com noted that one in six windows pcs have no antirvirus software. Of those users seventeen percent occurred because the software expired. Asking this helpful question can not only help the customer prevent future infections that require your services but also create a recurring revenue stream of anti-virus renewals for you.

When was the last time the inside of your case was cleaned?
Dust bunnies have become an increasing problem for computers. As many technicians know they can cause random shutoffs (from overheating), sizzling noises in the case, a sluggish slow computer and in extreme conditions a fire. So, by asking this question not only do you bring this issue to the forefront of your customers mind you also open up a potential service which can be done on an annual basis.

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Do you have a blog or website where you regularly provide helpful suggestions about computers or other technology? Well then, make use of it as a marketing tool. By using a newsletter or mailing list you create top of mind awareness. Top of mind awareness is a brand or specific product coming first in customers’ minds when thinking of a particular industry. This increases the chances that your company will be chosen for service when the customer needs it.

I hope you got some really great ideas from this article and that you found it helpful. Do you have any additional questions you might ask to increase your sales and revenue? Leave a comment below with your suggestions or visit our Computer Repair Marketing Group on LinkedIn.