//Lead Generation Tip – Get Decision Makers to Call You Back

Lead Generation Tip – Get Decision Makers to Call You Back

The only way to make a sale in your services business is to talk to the person who makes the decisions, a.k.a. the decision maker at the prospect you are targeting. But, as we all know decision makers are the most elusive piece of the puzzle in the lead generation process. They can hide behind secretaries, automated phone trees and have many avoidance tools at their disposal. The most dreaded of these tools is voice mail. So, if you have to leave a voice mail, what tools are effective in getting those decision makers to call you back? These tips are easy to add to your script and can be applied readily to your telemarketing program.

Get to the point early. Don’t beat around the bush when you are calling a new lead. Pleasantries are nice but you’re calling with a purpose. Identify yourself and your purpose at the beginning of the voice mail. For instance, in my prospecting calls I use the following script: Hi this is Steve from RealQuickLeads.Com. I help businesses just like yours increase sales and revenues through marketing services that truly work. As you can see my opening line is short, sweet and to the point. If I reach voice mail I start it out the same way and then leave my phone number and ask them to call me back. New potential customers appreciate the directness and many of them are looking for my services, and they now know exactly what I am selling. If they are interested they’ll call me back.

Say the name of the person who referred you or how you came across their name. You need to make a connection with the person you are calling. Preferably BEFORE you make the first call. A personal connection to your target will help them make the decision to call you back. So, if for instance, another client referred you to this prospect, use that persons name in your script. In making my calls, I would say my usual script (above) and then add: I was speaking with a mutual friend of ours, John Smith, who also uses my services and recommended you as someone who may also benefit from my marketing program as well. If you weren’t referred it’s still important to establish some connection with your target. I typically suggest a mailer ahead of time, either a post card or newsletter some type of content marketing material. Often a newsletter or post card can help make that all important connection with a client prior to a phone call. When you call you can then reference the material you sent. I usually say something like: Ken, I recently mailed you my LinkedIn report, How to Make LinkedIn Work For You. I’m following up to see if the material was helpful, if you had any questions or if I can offer any of my expertise in your current marketing campaign.

Show that you’ve prepared for the call. Make it clear to the decision maker that you know their industry and are familiar with the challenges they face. For my part, I make a very good case for what I do by telling all of my prospects that I’ve been where they are; I’ve had two very successful computer repair businesses that I had to market and get off the ground. A good script for that is the one I use: Mr. Prospect, I was previously a computer repair business owner for several years so I’ve been exactly where you are; trying to find customers and grow my business. I know how tough it is.. This is VERY important as it helps to make that connection with them – you’re struggling and I struggled too until I had THIS. And the THIS is what you are selling.

Make it about your Prospect, Not About You. I’ve said this continually throughout my career as a marketer. In fact, on a call I recently had with a computer repair business owner in Indiana this past Thursday, I said it again: If you can get your prospect talking about themselves during your call, you are GOLDEN. People love to talk about themselves. It’s been true for years and is still true in today’s market. That’s why part of my script is always: I help businesses just like YOURS increase sales and revenue…. My call is about YOU, Mr. Prospect – not about me. Always invite the prospect to call you back about their struggles, their problems, what THEY need from you.

Stick to the Script. It’s always important when you are making sales calls not to sound scripted. You want the call to sound as natural as if you are calling a friend, your neighbor down the street or someone else you know. The only exception to that rule is in leaving a voice mail. By sticking to your script it will help you stay on message, be brief and make your message clear and concise. The worst thing you can do in a voice mail message to a prospect is babble or mumble your name and phone number – that’s why it’s critical to stay on script and stay on message.

Making telemarketing calls is not always the easiest thing for any business owner, let alone a more technically minded person but using these helpful tips, and putting some planning into your lead generation process will help increase the number of call backs you receive and the revenue in your services business.