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How to generate sales leads at trade shows for your computer repair business

Getting sales leads is vital to every computer repair business. Every business has to have customers; and prospective clients are what they identify as sales leads. Even the teenage girl who is eyeing some fashionable clothes in a magazine can be considered a sales lead. The typical sales leads, however, are those that have the potential to be customers whom sales people get in touch with in many ways, several times before they jump into conclusions in buying and procuring the company’s computer repair service. For many years now, sales people, have shown the success of this type of computer repair marketing.

1. Great Potential For Leads

What they don’t know is that they do not go or visit some places that have great potentials of sales leads. They fail to scout for areas that might bring in people who will be interested to buy their IT services. One of the places that can be considered as a great place for generating sales leads are trade shows. Basically, a trade show is an event that entails related business or companies in order to showcase their merchandise and other services to other entrepreneurs or to the viewing public. Usually, the main purpose of trade shows is to entice people and other businesses to get hold of the opportunity that they give to the public by letting them witness their innovative new products first.

Therefore, since the event itself is all about sales, it would be very beneficial for the sales people to generate leads at this type of gathering. Here, you can find other businesses and different people who might be interested in the services that you will offer them. Not all trade shows, however, can give you equal benefits. When you want to generate good sales leads in a trade show, it is very important to find an event that is highly targeted to your probable customers. Considering that you are able to look for trade shows that will yield your niche market, the next step you have to take into account is on how you will generate your leads at the trade show.

2. Interaction

Communication at trade shows is relatively fast. What you get are complimentary nods or gestures that will only tell you how they have come to know the event. Because of this nippy situation, you might miss some important details that might give you the “go signal” to start communicating with the client. Moreover, because you are also in a hurry of getting the information of your prospective client, you may start to continuously babble about everything and anything without giving your prospect a chance to ask questions. Keep in mind that even when the situation is not appropriate for lengthy conversations, it is still important to let your would-be client to talk more and for you to listen attentively. Interaction should happen simultaneously, no scripts to follow, no pitch to memorize. The conversations must flow naturally so that the person you are talking to will not feel trapped or compelled to say yes to the services that you are offering.

2. Project An Image

People will never say yes to everything that you say – they simply don’t trust you enough. Besides being doubtful on your computer repair services, they will be judging your level of confidence, product knowledge, and overall personality. It is far better, therefore, if you are projecting a positive image. If you look good enough and sound good enough, then, chances are they will think that your services are worth a moment of their consideration.

3. Reach Out

If you are a part of the trade show and one of the organizers, make your booth pleasing enough so as to reach out and grab people who will be interested enough to start a conversation with you or your staff member. Try to utilize a theme that matches with the overall concept of the trade show. Irrelevant information is just waste of time, money, and effort, so strip brochures and your presentation with all small details.

4. It’s In The Cards

This may sound trivial, but how well you present your business card or accept one from a new acquaintance may decide whether or not you get their help or business in the future. Once you get to generate leads, the next best thing to do is to contact your prospects and sustain their interest by providing them all the information that they need and to address their problems as soon as possible. As they say, having good leads is one way of getting the peak of business success.

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  1. Len

    […] Post navigation What is the best lead generation service to find IT decision makers? I have been investigating several lead generation services which provide information on the decision makers for the Information Technology departments at large US companies. I looked at idexec and hoovers and they dont have email contact information and much of there info is available on the web or Yahoo Finance. Is there any better ones out there that focus on IT decision makers? At my company we have used many different services including idexec, iProfile, ITS Profiles, and hoovers ( We found iProfile and ITS Profiles to be the most comprehensive when it came to providing us with detailed contact information on IT decision makers. Both provide direct phone numbers and email information. However, we found that ITS Profiles has more depth, a larger database, and updates their information more frequently then iProfile. Hope this helps. Posted in Generate Sales Leads | Tags: computer repair service, fashionable clothes, generating sales, marketing, repair business, typical sales […]

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