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How To Do A Teleseminar For Your Computer Repair Business

If you are a computer repair busines owner, you have knowledge and skills that can be of value to others and they’re willing to pay for that knowledge. Why not offer your services online? The experience could not only prove the need for your services BUT could help you build credibility for your computer repair marketing efforts. Here’s how to do a teleseminar.

There is plenty of money to be made teaching but teaching can also be a marketing experience as well. And what better  way to market your computer repair business than by teaching about something you love and enjoy – computers! Teleseminars have a very effective marketing and they are easy to produce. You can use the same information bundled different ways to cover different fields of interest. It’s the perfect solution for computer repair entrepreneurs wanting to market their skills.

Teleseminars are an excellent way to promote your message, increase your credibility and make your mark as an expert in the coomputer repair field. Offering your potential customers a free teleseminar is a very smart and cost effective method of promoting yourself. Teleseminars that a customer pays for are an excellent way of distributing your knowledge to your paying customer. So how do you conduct your own teleseminar?

A teleseminar is a meeting between participants in different locations around the world that occurs over the telephone, and where all members can participate in the conversation just as if they were in attendance at a seminar. If you use video conferencing you will also be able to transmit video via your computer through a video camera.

The great thing about teleconferencing is that it knows no boundaries. Whether you live in Florida, Ontario, Russia, Australia, or somewhere remote in the great North, if you have access to a telephone you can conduct or participate in a teleseminar.

It’s always best if you can designate one person to set things up. That person will make the initial calls to each participant to let them know the time and date that the teleseminar will take place. That person should also be the person that initiates the calls to assemble everyone on the day of the seminar.

There isn’t a lot of equipment required. A speaker phone is a great way to let several people have access with just one phone, but it’s definitely not required. In more complex setups where there may be satellite connections or audiovisual connections, you may require a specialist.

Your need to have a well thought out agenda that stays focused and on topic. It’s always nice to give your participants a bit of a briefing prior to starting so they know what they can expect.

Make sure you speak clearly and address how you wish participants to participate. Is there an order of speaking? Is the floor open to questions at any point? Let participants know what is expected of them. Remember this may be a new experience for them.

You as the moderator should lead the teleseminar which means you’ll control the flow of the conversations, identify any guest speakers you might have, and open and close the teleconference. It’s your job to ensure things run smoothly and on time.

A teleseminar is one of the most cost effective methods of bringing a group together without the need for travel. It’s a convenient, cost effective tool that has great potential and is often overlooked.

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