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Alternative Marketing For Your Computer Repair Business

Alternative Marketing can sometimes be hard to define as it’s based on a number of GM tactics and practices but a perfect example that should define it for you is every ones favorite rich girl Paris Hilton and her Sidekick mobile phone. When her Sidekick was “hacked” into, the sales of the Sidekick blew up overnight.

Even though T-Mobile had nothing to do with it (or did they?) it directly benefited T-Mobile and their Sidekick. The objective of Alternative Marketing is to make the marketing appear that it has nothing to do with the actual company or service or whatever you happened to be promoting.

It’s a lot like Undercover Marketing but unique and carried out differently and with a different result. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all GM method, tactics and practices are closely related to each other but different so the best bet is to combine two or more of these little guys and reap the rewards. Imagine the potential for your computer repair business!

AM (alternative marketing) could be carried out online or offline with little or no effort and of course for little or no money, most likely no money in this case. I am going to show you how you can execute a quick and easy AM campaign right now. It’s an offline method but you’d simply substitute your website for the name of a business. I’ll use another example so you better understand how to do it. Let’s say you had a handy wipe type start-up company.

A great thing to do would be to place a poster or banner (remember you can have them made easily at a site I mentioned earlier on) on the window or a telephone pole near say a BBQ or rib place.

Since people generally get messy eating BBQ the will naturally need some way of cleaning up. Your banner could say something like ‘Great BBQ Inside, Eat Great and Stay Clean.

Chances are since you’re not representing the BBQ establishment in a bad light and actually simultaneously promoting them your banner or poster will remain there for a while.

You’re getting customers in to the place and they are going there in part because you are providing them with your handy wipes. You could even set up a display where people can grab a pack of your wipes on the way in or out of the restaurant.

RealizingGM is just simple and creative yet effective ways of getting your message out there should be what you’re doing right now. It’s the same thing as spending millions of dollars on a marketing campaign except you’re usually not spending any money and you’re getting better results since the people aren’t desensitized to your campaigns.

In all honesty I hope you are learning everyting you need to learn about GM and the various GM tactics. Before you get desensitized to this publication, without any more delay let me get into the next Powerful and Proven Guerilla Marketing Tactic.

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