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Ambient Marketing for your Computer Repair Business

Also known as place-based marketing, ambient marketing is marketing or advertising wherever customers happen to be, part of the immediate surroundings. For computer repair, a good ambient marketing technique, would be to station some technicians in the parking lot of a technology retailer such as Radio Shack or Best Buy. They could just be there talking with the customers or giving way a promotional item such as a mug, t-shirt or other giveaway.

You are simply where the customers are and you are targeting them because they are there. Ambient Marketing is all about blending in with your surroundings. In regards to marketing it’s not sticking out like passing out fliers.

I used the technology store example because they go hand in hand, technology store and technicians that is. When you see those signs on telephone poles that is also an Ambient Marketing method. The signs don’t really blend in with the surroundings but the signs are where people are so you get the idea.

The whole concept of Ambient Marketing is that you aren’t trying to let the would be customer know you are marketing something. That is sometimes hard to do but if there is a group of people in one place there is no better way to get there attention then by being an ambient presence.

So how could you use Ambient Marketing to promote your website of business (on or offline)? Well I already told you. With one of those signs you see on the telephone poles. There is no actual law against placing signs on telephone poles (that we know of – always check your local laws) but they are the property of the power and or phone companies so you may need there permission.

You can go to a website like and have a sign or posted create and shipped out to you in under 24hrs. You can do graphics and or text and this a great place to get high quality signs for a low price.

Since you’re going to need a few of these to spread your message it’s a great place to get started. You could just as easily print your message out from your computer but with this at least you look a little more professional and they will maintain in the weather.

Now comes the work part. After you get your signs, go to a highly traveled route or road. Intersections and stop signs in these areas are a great place to put them up. It’s best to do them at night since it’s not really illegal (usually) but you don’t want everyone seeing you as they put them up.

It’d be a good idea to put them in a place you pass by frequently so you can check up on them and carry a few with you to replace those that are taken down or fall down and get damaged.

Start with say five or ten, see how it goes and keep it growing and growing. You can’t underestimate the amount of people that will see these. You could sit there all day and night and count how many people pass by and you’d be amazed.

So far so good right? That’s just two ways of using Guerilla Marketing for your business and you should already see there is no limit to creativity and you’ll always be spending little or no money. Put the time in and you’ll get great results. Now it’s time for the next GM tactic.

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