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Tissue Pack Marketing For Computer Repair

Pretty self explantory right? Yes, you’re right. But it’s more than putting your message on Tissue Packs and giving them out. It’s not much more but since all I mean is putting your message out on items and products besides Tissue Packs. TPM (Tissue Pack Marketing) was first made popular in Japan. It was started by a company not in the tissue business. They realized that Japanese people use tissues on a daily basis. Most people in most countries do the same thing which is why this spread like a virus (I just had to say it one more time, and don’t be surprised if you see me mention it again) throughout the entire civilized world. And, more importantly, it can also work for your computer repair business.

Anyway’s, back to what I was saying, the company that first started doing this in Japan didn’t make tissues. They realized people are used to getting tissues for free so they realized they could take advantage of this while advertising and marketing to the people at the same time. You don’t see it as much now as you used to but when you get a pen, pad of paper, match book, etc… with an ad on it, you are the “victim” of tissue pack marketing. With the advent of the Internet anyone can have a variety of products custom made or labeled with there message on them.

Google ‘private label products’ and you’ll be swamped with sites and products you can customize and give away. It’ll take some time to get a response but it will be slow and steady. You don’t have to be a genius to see that this is perhaps one of the best and cost effective ways of targeting a large amount of people for a large amount of time. The idea also behind TPM is repeated exposure.

The consumer may never use your product or even research it further. But then again some may and probably will so it’s worth a shot and it’ll be a bulls eye for your marketing. If you don’t do something at first there is a chance you will at some point so lets apply this to TPM and now it’s time to move on to the next Guerilla Marketing practice.

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  1. Ram Ram

    totally agree with Tissue pack marketing concept.

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