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Experimential Marketing for Computer Repair

What Experiential Marketing attempts to do is connect with customers on a personal level that leaves the customer/client/consumer with a positive image of the marketer which is believed to lead to a loyal customer. As with nearly every business type you know that loyal repeat customers are essential especially to a computer repair business.

Experts say that Experiential Marketing is perhaps one of the most effective and successful methods of marketing whether your selling widgets or computer repair services makes no difference. A great example of this form of GM (and it is considered GM and not the other GM, General Marketing) is when you are walking down the street and see a performer. You can choose to stop and watch, perhaps give them a donation if they are taking them or you can choose to keep going. Since people generally don’t like commercials or being “targeted” by advertisers this method preys on that exact idea.

You’re choosing to attend the event, you’re choosing to watch, listen and learn. If it’s a band playing or a solo person playing music they are most likely promoting themselves as an act or at least getting you to want their album. With a little imagination you could figure out how to make customers come to you and actually want to be advertised to because they don’t see it as advertising when they are requesting it.

See? Marketing can be fun, effective and cheap, especially when you’re practicing Guerilla Marketing. With only seven methods of carry out effective GM campaigns that you’ve learned so far there is no limit to how much more business you could get.

The best way to see what works best for you is to go out and try each tactic. See what tactics work well with one another and you’ll be inadvertently creating a marketing plan. It’s not as boring as sitting down with a pen and pad or typing on your computer and can be a lot more rewarding since you’ll be getting that creative part of your mind flowing.

While your mind is open and flowing let me tell you about the next GM tactic that I am sure you’ll love and won’t be able to finish reading about before you’re out the door and putting it into use. Maybe not but at least you’ll be a well rounded Guerilla Marketer.

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