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Body Marketing For Computer Repair

You don’t have to have your business or website tattooed on your forehead to take part in BM (body marketing). Having a permanent tattoo of your business or website is not a very good idea if you’re not established or not certain you’re going to be around for the life of you and your tattoo.

Wearing a shirt, hat or shorts with your business on them is considered body marketing since all these things are on your body. You could even sell the shirts, hats or shorts, or anything else that goes on your body. You’d basically have people paying you to get your marketing message. The best bet with this GM tactic is to just give the stuff away (sort of like tissue pack marketing) or wear it around. People are always noticing what other people are doing, saying or wearing so it’s a great way to capitalize on that. Doing this and then congregating where likely computer repair customers especially business customers are around will likely help you promote your business and increase sales.

If you’re in a service business it’s a way to identify yourself and promote your business at the same time. Some of the simplest businesses are so powerful and profitable for just this reason. You most likely wouldn’t associate ‘Tims Landscaping’ as success but in it’s own way the guy you see with a cheap sticker stuck to his beat up pick up truck (no offense to landscapers or blue collar works intended) but ‘Tim’ is doing a great job of identifying his business and brand and this will lead to more business for him.

Tattoos may not be your thing and as you’ve learned they don’t have to be to benefit your body marketing efforts – especially in a respectable computer repair business. If tattoos are your thing and you are serious about business and are out and about a lot it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a ‘tat’ of what you’re promoting. But, keep it tasteful and if you intend to court business customers.

Can you think of another computer repair marketing method that will last your entire life? I can’t either so lets get back to some more GM that you don’t have to live with for the rest of your life. Quickly, I just want to reiterate that all of these methods may sound silly and like common sense but the easiest things are the best types of marketing.

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