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What is Guerilla Marketing?

We are starting out our series about Guerilla Marketing or GM so it’d be very beneficial if you actually knew what Guerilla Marketing was and is. When most people think of GM they think of a guy with long hair and a tie dyed t-shirt on passing out flyers.

That certainly is GM but just one of the many methods and you don’t have to be a hippie to utilize GM. Many large firms and corporations have gained huge profits and huge attention in the press for their Guerilla efforts.

Perhaps a good sign that GM is not as widely known and practiced as much as it should be is the fact that most dictionaries do not have a definition for Guerilla Marketing. Some view it as taboo but then again they aren’t trying to promote anything.

The best and most common way is to define GM is: Unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.

What does that mean? Not spending a lot of money to market whatever you are marketing and in place of a big budget, there is an even bigger drive and effort on the marketers part. A simple tissue package ad (which we’ll cover later) can take a company to the next level practically overnight.

GM has been around since the beginning of life but it was finally given a name by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book entitled ‘Guerilla Marketing’. Jay did and does a great job of introducing GM to the masses.

The book is now a requirement for most MBA programs involving business, marketing or advertising. This may be the reason well known, billion dollar companies are using very basic GM campaigns with little or no money involved and getting massive returns on investment since most of the big boys use college educated people.

You can have the same exact results that the big boys have without hiring some silly form or creating an internal department within your company to handle the work load. You’ll be able to use the same exact methods they do.

GM has been around for a while and will continue to be around for a long time. Having an offline or online presence is of absolutely no importance. You’re simply spreading the word to anyone and everyone who wants what you are offering.

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  1. Totally agree that GM campaigns can be among the most eye grabbing out there. In fact, they usually are. Trouble is thinking up the ideas. Whenever I try my mind is just blank! How do you get the inspiration?

    • Sam, that is a GREAT question. You get inspiration from within. But, if you can’t get that from within you talk to other people (they don’t need to be in your industry) and see what they did for their own businesses. Then you apply it to your own. Remember, no one lives in a vacuum… we all have friends, customers, business associates, mentors, etc. It’s time to open up that vault and speak with one of them – they will provide you the INSPIRATION!

  2. I think that’s a realistic answer to be honest! It’s fair to say that even the true visionaries take bits and pieces from other people and rework them into something of their own. I’d love to set up a guerilla marketing campaign. Better get thinking!

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